1. Time to umpimp ze auto.

  2. i just don't see a real reason for a conversion...
  3. i just was looking on crigs list. 86 mustang gt with 93 gt front bumper aero nose. :nonono:
  4. hey 86 while your at it you should add some naked lady mud flaps. some trucker mirrior. some smoke stacks. oh yeah don't forget the fender chrome


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  5. You're sure getting a lot of mileage out of that one today. I almost copied it the first time for the jesus stang
  6. I lub that picture.
  7. Are you also considering a sex change?
  8. [​IMG]

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    Oh my god man! PLEASE DO THE SWAP!!!!

    If thats what you taste is like, then I dont want your cobbled together 250 dollar know it all **** pile to look ANYTHING like my cars!!!

    Holy crap this is priceless! You think a stock 4 eye looks ricey, but THAT is what you were planning? :rlaugh:

    Dude, I will send you 5 bucks if you show pics that you got that "body kit".

    Please, please. Just do it. PLEASE!!!

    If your a troll, your the greatest troll of all time!
  9. I guess since everyone else is showing off their turd 4-eyes, I'll post mine up. :nice:



  10. If I ever see one of these in person, I'm going to run into it full speed, regardless of damaging my own car.
  11. Turd???!!! LOL! I see you on the 4-eyed pride site a bit. I assume you mean that affectionately aimed at your ride?

    Side bar - MY 85 Notch "turd" runs 12.9s on a drag radial and stock suspension. The AFR competition 165s and lunati cam will arrive in 3 weeks putting my hp. to the wheels output over the 300 mark I also hav redone the suspension and rear and will be running an ET street this time and with a slightly taller gear. low low 12s will be a piece of cake on the motor. Maybe even a high 11 if I can dial in a nice 60 ft.

    4-eyes CAN be NASTY!:D

  12. haha :D :nice:

  13. hey man, what cat back and tips do you have! I NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!:DROOL:

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  14. Magnaflow 2.5" catback and 3" magnaflow tips. Just an FYI for everyone trying to fit big tires, magnaflow routes the pipes differently than other companys, I have 255s with like 3 inches of clearance, my tires will hit the inner fenders before they hit the exhaust.
  15. I got an original one of them thar things.

  16. god i love that

  17. lol i bought a complete set of tri-spoke trxs for no reason at all last month. i guess they make a great conversation piece :shrug:

  18. didthe tips come with the cat-back. and how much did it set ya back (if you don't mind
  19. Honestly i think the pace cars are ugly. The color is just hideous.
  20. Yep there not very mean looking


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