1. I mean everybody gets in a circle jerk over that car and i think its fugly. the interior is ok but the taillights are godawful..
  2. Yeah they came with the catback, I used the stangnet promo code last year and payed $330 shipped. I think its closer to $400 now.
  3. Thats by far one of if not the first negative comment I've ever gotten.

    The color is silver, are you saying you hate all silver colored foxes? I like the early fox tail lights better than the later ones, to me the later ones look just like everything else's tail lights from the 80s, where as the 79-82 tail lights are more of a throw back to the older 60s-70s cars, they have more in common with the look of early mustangs such as the shelbys than the 83+ ones do.
  4. No i just dont like the silver pace cars. I hate the color and the whole nose of the car and the wing and tail lenses are puke. The colors of it dont blend together. You may have a lot of work into the car but i dont like it. Oh and whats with the cowls arent they considered tacky?
  5. I can see this wont go anywhere, so whatever man.
  6. i like the pace cars because they are unique! You dont see them everyday
  7. I hate em too. They all suck. In fact now that I think of it all cars suck. You suck.
  8. My car came STOCK with a cowl and a small one at that, it would be kind of tacky to alot of people here if you put one on your car.

  9. But 5 days ago he said...............

    Hey buddy, i think i hear the short bus honkin for ya out front.
  10. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  11. Well the fact that he diddnt choose the paint for his car speaks for itself. Like i sait the interior is nice but the outside is just a mess not just on his car but all pace cars. I even think the camaro pacecars are fugly. I think the whole concept of a factory stickered to hell car is just stupid. As for the short bus comment i think i hear it now but i musnt forget my helmet last time i forgot it i came home with a bruise.
  12. :nice:

    Heres my 85 GT

    Truth is about real 4 eye owners they dont like anything changed for the most part including stupid things like the 87-93 rear quarter glass (my car allready had them)...should keep it a 4 eye and swap a 85-86 GT front bumper on it and put a foglight bar etc to make it look like a GT vert...either way its your car do what you want with it.