86 mustang gt 5 speed switched to 93 for sale

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  1. ive had this car since 06 i think. its been alot of fun and ive put alot into it but its time to pass the torch. body sucks motor might be a lil worn dont know the milage its indeed a 86 motor as i did the headgaskets 2 years ago, forged flatops and e86 crap heads. i never really liked the 86 cars so the dash is about all thats still 86 im on my 3rd tranny posi works when it feels like it car isnt no slouch but i have alot of other projects and ive moved over to the dark side and i need cash to fuel other cars. my list of mods
    3g 130amp alt
    a9l ecu mass air conversion
    smog pump deleted new serp belt
    mac equal length shortys
    imco ofroad h pipe
    40 series flows with lx aftermarket tips
    bbk steel underdrives
    brads custom auto sports billet firewall adjuster with quick quadrant
    polished stock valve covers
    ported heads/gasket match
    24lb injectors
    ford contour dual electric fans with adjustable controller torqflo
    restored a/c works good
    5lug swap front rotors still 4 in rear
    93 qrtr glass, gt wing, side skirts, 87 steering wheel,93 lx nose and rear bumper,newer inner rear bumper
    93 lx seats
    partially smoothed engine bay
    2.3l t5 been running it a year with 85 deisel ford ranger pilot bearing geared better.
    most hoses are new, new plug wires lifetime wires 8mm bosch, newer starter and water pump.
    just tabbed it last month its ready to roll, turn key car




    im tryn to get around $2200 for it. i kinda wanna keep it but i hate how these cars handle and i need money for my porsche. so hit me up.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.