'86 Tempo troubles

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  1. My '86 Tempo cuts out when running. I could be at highway speeds and it quits. If I wait a minute or two it will start right up. It also will cut out at a traffic light or when running at low speed as well. As long as I give it a minute or two before trying to start the engine it will start right up and run down the road a few minutes then quit. I'm wondering if it is an ignition or fuel problem. The car was taken to a mechanic who had the car for about a week and he stated the car gave him no troubles. He supposedly checked it out and could find nothing wrong. I hope someone has an answer to my problem.
  2. Sounds like either a fuel pump or fuel filter issue. She's starving, it sounds like.

    Check the leads and wiring headed to the fuel pump to see if there is any wire exposed or major corrosion issues, as your car is over 20 years old.

    This is my hunch. I'm no ASE certified tech by any means.
  3. I agree with the Fuel Pump...I had an 87 Tempo and it exhibited similar symptoms ..then one day it died and would not start. I noticed the pump was not priming when the key was turned. I had a friend beat on the gas tank and the car started. Replaced the pump and never had a problem again.
  4. I'll check the leads out and see if it is a bad connection.
  5. youy could have 2 issues, i have seen crazy things happen with both fuel and electrical. sometimes older fuel pumps will over heat and cut out or drop fuel pressure but at the same time I have seen ignition coils heat up and loose spark. I would run a fuel pressure test anyway to see what condition the pump is in(if it's on the low side) and replace the fuel filter has it's cheap to do, also some pumps have a small filter screen or sock on them that can get clogged over time to. best of luck.
  6. +1 on the fuel pressure check.

    The fact that the car not wanting to restart until it cools makes me think it's something ignition-related, but I would still lean towards it being a fuel pump, based on everything else.

    Pretty much all in-tank fuel pumps have the "sock" filter, really. The thing is, if you're going to go through all the trouble of dropping the tank to change the thing out, you may as well replace the pump while you're at it, anyhow. So, check the fuel pressure first, and if it's not kosher, plan on splurging for a new fuel pump and sock.
  7. Well I fixed the Tempo yesterday. It turned out it was the ignition. Auto Zone will test it for free. It passed every test except for the "break current" test. While I was at it I replaced the cap and rotor. So far so good.
    Thanks for everyones help.
  8. what part of the ignition, the actual switch itself? just curious. glad you got it fixed though :nice: .
  9. The module that sits on the side of the distributor.
  10. Glad to hear you got it fixed

    One trick for these types of cut-out is to watch your tach, if it is an electrical issue, the tach will drop like a rock when it cuts out, a fuel issue will usually show a slow drop to zero.

    I hope you got your money back from your mechanic.