Fox 87 2.3l Lx Help?

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  1. Whatsup guys my name is josh and I just bought my first mustang and I'm stoked, it's not my dream 67 Shelby, but it's still beautiful, I got a 2.3L 1987 LX. I bought this car after it sat for 10 years and the guy pours three gallons of gas into it and it fires off time and time again. (Besides the basics: full flush by firestone, full tune up and I changed out the radiator with one from an 89 5.0 because the one it came with looked like the inside of a freezer....... Any other thoughts ?

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  2. 5-speed? Have fun with it, and check out when you decide to make it fast.
  3. Thanks for saving a fox from rotting away un-used!
  4. ....and its
  5. Yeah, you are right. My browser auto-redirects and I didn't notice :)
  6. No worries