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  1. A guy has a 87-89LX 5.0L instrument cluster for sale. Will the whole cluster of just the speedo drop into my 91LX?

    The gauges look identical in design and layout.

    Thanks in advance for any help
  2. Whole guage cluster should drop in.
  3. The tach won't work as is, but the speedo should be fine.
  4. wasnt there a difference between the airbag clusters and non airbag clusters.

    Im thinking the whole cluster wont swap in but that the speedometer can be swapped. But then again ive been out of fox's for a long time!
  5. Yes, the cluster is different. Even the speedo is different on the airbag cars.

    No, an 87-89 speedo won't bolt into a '91. The shape of the faceplate is even different. It is notched to allow clearance for the larger steering column and such.

    The good news is, that 91-93 140mph speedos are much more common and cheaper than the 87-89 speedo.

  6. I swapped an 87-89 5.0 convertible interior into my 2.3l convertible. Among other problems, the speedo would not work. It created a draw somewhere within my wiring that left me stranded a few times until I swapped it back. Unless you want to do some modifying (which I've thought about doing a few times) don't bother. Just get a 90-93 140 cluster. Save yourself a LOT of trouble.