87-90 to 91-93 Mustang Dash Interchange question

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  1. I've heard some interesting things about interchangeability between 87-90 and 91-93 interior stuff with mustangs and just want to confirm something.

    I need to swap the DASH cover part onto my 88 project car. I've got a possible cover part from a 92 lx (grey/black) and want to make sure before the purchase that there isn't anything wrong.

    when I say dash cover I mean this part:
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    nothing else...just this huge colored plastic piece. what would cause this not to interchange between any mustang from 87-93? bolt hole location? etc?? I would really like to bid on this piece as it it MUCH nicer than the one I have available to me.

    help me out guys!
  2. Just swapped it myself (93 dash to a 88).

    Framework is similar, will bolt up fine but the biggest issue I had was the fuse box for one. In 1990 they made an adapter plate to bolt to the orignal location and move it to a harder to get to location. Basically facing strait down.

    You original knee brace wil not work, you will need the 90+ one. Although you will have to drill into the frame work and "rig it" I have not yet done it to fully secure it, it press fitted right now and has been fine for months.

    The screw holes behinde the cluster are different, not a big deal, either make new ones or don't use them. I did not use them and again no issue.

    Heater control mount holes are different. I wanted to retain my OEM control because I have no factory A/C and I can't imagine finding a 90+ one without A/c is easy to find so I snipped two alignment holes and used self-tapping screws and it's fine.

    Other then that it's not bad. You may want to invest the $18 in a heater core since it's right there.

    Oh yeah, fuel door opener hole will have to be made.
  3. I did it with a black dash
    My fues is panel is just sort of hanging where it would have been on the 93.
    I don't remember a problem with the guages but struggled with the heater controls. I decided I would use the 93 controls....I figured the only difference was the knobs were smaller. Whoops. The plugs are different and that idea was out. I did end up drilling holes and put bolts through the support which worked fine. However I think something is broken in the vacuum plug because if I turn alot of boost the vents start blowing air.:D
  4. The BOV goes under the hood not in the air ducts.......
  5. that would be funny though.
  6. I did it as well.

    I have a '90 Black dash in my '88.

    Like what was said before, the frame works is pretty near identical. 90% of the screw holes line up and for the other, just simple use self tapping screws. You will need the lower knee pad. It's secures by two clips and then i self tapped new holes into the frame (looks OEM).

    For heater controls, you will need the 90-93 units. The 87-89 center console WILL work with the newer dash. You will just need to trim slightly. Of course if you are swapping to black, chances are you will need the console too.

    As for the driver's are, you can reuse all your old 87-89 stuff. Your old gauge pod will fit. You will need to trim 1 small peice of plastic behind it first.

    The gauge pod fits, the plastic gauge bezel can also be reused as well as he steering column trim.

    Took me 4 hours to swap dashes.
  7. Just came across this in a search..... regarding the fuse box, I didn't want to put it below the dash....or zip tie it up (no offense, Mike!) so i was able to cut a hole in the dash behind the knee pad below the cluster in about the same position as the stock one on the 87-89 cars. I did not use the metal part of the knee pad brace. I used two screws to hold the fuse panel in place. Of course I have to remove the knee pad to get to it, but I've only had to replace fuses a few times in the years I've had the car. And it only snaps in place.

    Like Mike said, you will need the knee pad from the 90+ car to finish it out right.

    I did my swap in about 3 hours...... but that was my third time removing & replacing one! Very easy with a cordless drill and flexible shaft extension with a torx bit!

    Good luck!

  8. Stackz,

    I have a 89 grey and black dash if you have not already gotten the 92 dash. Email me if you are interested in it I will make you a good deal.

    [email protected]