87-93 Carbon Fiber Hood?

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  1. Hey guys, was just thinkin about what kind of hood I'd want for my stang and saw a hood for the SN95guys. Its a carbon fiber hood at Dave's mustang parts. Anyways, was wondering if anyone made a carbon fiber hood for the fox bodies, 87-93? I mean real carbon fiber, not that fake plastic checkerboard crap. It be cool if they had a Ram air hood like the Cervinis. Anyways, if anyone has any info or pics, I'd appreciate it. Also, just for your opinion, should I go for a Cobra ground effects kit w/spoiler and grille insert, or the Saleen kit? :nice:
  2. Why do oyu want a CF hood? They are usually twice as exspensive as a fiberglass one....

    I like the cobra kit better, and it's make for a GT, the saleen kit is for an LX
  3. I think they look cool unpainted if they're on a black car....in certain applications.
  4. i dunno if there made but 10 times stronger than fiber glass and a hole hell lot lighter
  5. APC :nice:

    lol jk APC sucks C O C K
  6. APC? Isn't that some kinda sick disease? Sounds like something you could catch from crawling under the wrong fence if ya know what I mean ;)
  7. most CF hoods are just a thin layer of CF over fiberglass anyway so it wont cut you in half if you hit someone hard enough to push a real CF hood through your car and body.
  8. Hmm, so you think only APC. If they're the only ones that make one, I don't want it. I know the hood would cost a bundle, but hey, just to be different, and broke for that matter i guess. I'll keep lookin, and anymore input will still be very much appreciated. :D
  9. Newbie bringing this thread back to life :)
    Seems most guys on here consider CF additions being rice. You don't see the weight reduction benefits? Anyways I have a stang that needs a paint job and adding a NHRA cage calls for some weight loss in other areas. I'm trying to find the APC hood but if only find late model hoods so can anybody link me?

    Thanks guys!
  10. VIS is now making them as well, and trust me, they make a quality product. Lot of my import buddies run those hoods and the workmanship is second to none.
  11. IMO i wouldnt go with CF any thing they fade and they are not as strong as others. My friend ,i hate to say it, has an eclispe with a CF hood on it and it faded in one summer. If i was you i would leave that for the imports to mess with. As for the body kit COBRA all the way:nice:
  12. um, you know you can paint the hood, right?
  13. Carbon fiber products are stronger than fiberglass and much lighter. The resin used to stiffen the carbon fiber fabric is extremely sensitive to UV exposure and will yellow and later turn green (the color of snot when you have a sinus infection) if not protected properly. CF body panels are construsted primarily for weight savings there is normally no clear coat. Since almost all automotive grade clear costs contain UV inhibitors, a good coating of clear over the resin will produce a long lasting shine just as it does over the color coat on the steel body panels.

    Oh, and BTW, cheap carbon body panels consist of a cosmetic layer of CF over fiberglass, but that has NOTHING do do with protecting passengers in case of a front ender. In fact, CF is just as likely to crack and splinter as fiberglass.
  14. I highly doubt there would be any weight savings with CF over glass.

    The above post is great!
    The guy with the faded CF hood should have clear coated it.

    If you call any of the companies that do make 'glass hoods, you may be able to talk them into making you a CF hood.
    The molds they use would be the same, the would probably use the same resins (if they chose the right CF), and only the top layer would need to be CF.

    The expensive part of a cosmetic CF part is getting the layup right. If the layup is poor, then there will be wrinkles and waves in the CF.
    Finding a good layup person can be tough.

  15. Depends on how it is constructed. The best CF is not wet lay-up as is most fiberglass. Instead of a layer of glass with a layer of resin with another layer of glass, the best CF is autoclaved. CF fabric is impregnated with resins which cure with heat. The CF is put into a mold, then vacuum bagged into shape. This eliminates most bubbles and produces a glassy surface. Making sure the CF weave is straight and even is another challenge, but most with the skills to autoclave will have the layering and orientation down pat.

    Not necessarily true if you want the good stuff, and there is a huge difference between wet lay-up and pre-preg (autoclaved) carbon. The most expensive part would be buying and maintaining the autoclave which is not necessarily needed for fiberglass. Not sure the resins are the same either since you can see through the CF resin.

    These guys will work with you to make custom stuff: http://www.feathercarbon.com/ Last I knew they made wet lay-up parts then cleared them with mixed results, but maybe they have gotten better.
  16. The autoclave discussion is off topic for automotive parts...
    yes autoclaved prepreg will yeild lower resin contents, and thus lower weight, but...

    No one in their right mind would autoclave an automotive part, especially as big as a hood!!!
    Vac bag maybe, never autoclaved.
    therefore, there will not be any significant weight savings with an aftermarket hood (comparing CF to 'glass).

    Now if you are willing to find someone with an autoclave large enough to make a hood, and who has the abiltiy to design/fabricate a mold to withstand the temps and psi, then I will eat my words.

    The tooling alone would cost you not only your soul, but also your first born child.

    I am 100% positive that none of the CF parts available through the automotive aftermarket are being autoclaved.
    And if you called one of the aftermarket hood manufacturers asking for an autoclaved part they would just laugh at you.

    Forget about Autoclaving, as it does not belong in this discussion.

    By the by...
    CF can be sized for either epoxy resin, vinyl ester resin, or polyester resin.
    Same applies to 'glass.

    I hope none of the above seems rude, that is not my intent.
  17. I don't want to tell you to get your fork yet, but I am pretty sure Clay Carrier (www.carbonfiberman.com) has an autoclave large enough to do a hood. BTW, what do you think aircraft and nuclear subs are constructed of? Do you think the Air Force's new Raptor has large wet lay-up panels?

    This might be true, but can and do are two different things. I am almost positive that you can find an autoclaved hood if you look at the higher end CF manufacturers.

    Not at all! :nice:
  18. Never said it couldn't be done, but it isn't practical for relatively low grade automotive stuff.
    Like I said, find one, and I will admit being wrong.
    I don't think you will find one though...

    The only possible exception may be F1. Formula cars push every limit there is. I wouldn't doubt their body sections are autoclaved.

    I work for Boeing. The new 787 is going to be the largest aircraft to have been built from CF. You can't imagine how large the autoclaves are for the fuselage tube sections.

    It isn't that there are no autoclaves large enough for hood production, it is just that their operation would not be economical for automotive grade parts.

    (Clay Carrier site doesn't say how large their autoclave is, but they do claim to have one...)

  19. So it's YOUR fault! I read that Airbus and Boeing have been buying every bit of CF there is for their new aircraft. Prices for carbon fiber parts have gone through the freaking roof. I have a bunch of carbon on my bikes and what I bought a year ago for $150 is $225 today.
  20. I have a client I work with that has been in composities for a couple decades. He also prototypes and makes production molds of all the parts he prototypes. We talked about CF vs. fiberglass and unless you have the CF done with the vac bag process you won't see enough of a difference in weight between a CF hood and a fiberglass hood if they were the same version hood. So more or less I think you'd be spending even more just primarily for the look of it?

    I believe Maier Racing makes CF hoods for fox bodies. I spoke with the founder of foureyedpride.com about this and they can make it a couple ways. Give the Maier guys a call.