87-93 door belt moldings ORIGINAL FORD!!!

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  1. Can you tell me how you remove and install them 1st??
  2. I need some help with this too.... I just picked up a 91 gt and the belts and dew wipes need replaced.... How easy/difficult is it???
  3. you should be able to just drill out the rivits and rivit them back in.
  4. the belts are super easy, just open your door, and look where the molding ends and there is a screw. Once Screw is removed, the bolt molding just slides out.
  5. Hell the way mine are you can just give them a little tug and the old ones are off due to the rust around the rivets.

    I'm a little confused. The pics show the trim that goes overtop but I pictured the door belt weather stripping (against the glass) which is where the rivets are.

  6. If you take off the outer door belt molding, you will see the rivets on the outer door belt.

    We also sell screw kits if you would rather do that then rerivet them back in.