87-93 door speaker plugs / wiring

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  1. Hey all!

    I have a '90 LX convertible that just has the 3.5's in the dash and 5x7's in the rear. I'd like to install speakers in the doors, but before I pull them apart I am curious if the speaker plugs / wiring are in there and wired in (with no factory speaker installed) or will I have to run new speaker wire, etc. and tap it in somewhere...

  2. I may be mistaken, but I believe all 87-93 'stangs came with speakers in the doors as well. If you have no speakers there, I'll give you a 95% chance of the wires existing in the doors...
  3. I called Crutchfield and they asked if it was a 4 speaker or 6 speaker car from the factory. I asked them if the wiring was there from Ford and they couldn't answer. I am just curious because it's cold here in upstate NY, and it makes a big difference if I'm just plopping in the door speakers and plugging in the wiring adapter from Crutchfield, or if I'll be outside freezing for a while running wires and having to take out the stereo to tap them in lol.

    Thanks for the reply!
  4. *Door Speakers*

    Good Morning/
    Does your door pannel have *Speaker Grilles*?.If so,as the other poster replied,Ford probably ran the Speaker Cable to them.You can't miss the Plugs for the Speaker,as IIRC,They're are Grey in Color.
    It may have been an Option back then.Remember,that the vinyl[plastics] on any car this time of the year *Does Not* get along w/the Cold/:notnice:.Though,I'm sure you know that already know that/;).Good Luck w/your Sytem.
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  5. Thanks for the replies...

    My door panels do have speaker grilles, but no speaker behind them lol. I'm not sure when I'll be able to get outside, since 4-8" of snow is predicted for tonight. This is the third snow in 10 days...

    I can't wait for summer to drop the top on the Stang.
  6. *Across the River*

    I just noticed that you're from FishKill...I live outside of Walden,on
    Plains Road.I work for N.Y.S.Dept. of Transportation,and you're right 'bout the Snow,tonight.
    My Supervisor said we have to be in at 8:00,Tonight,as it's suppose to start around 9:00/PM.Pretty soon the weather will change,and you'll be able to start pulling of the Door Pannels,and get the time to Install your Door Speakers/:nice:.If you have a *Door Pannel Popper*,than it makes things easier,so you don't scratch the Paint or rip the slot openings for the Pannel Pins/:nono:.That would sukk,big time.Well,again,good luck w/your system in the Spring.Take Care
  7. FWIW...
    Not all mustangs had factory door speakers from 87-93. My 89 Notch Parts/soon to be race car, does not have factory door speakers. The wiring is there and working though. It had the same moisture blocking plastic over the holes that comes behind the door panels.

    As an avid audio nut, I suggest getting a good 6.5" componet set instead of co-axials or what nots. you can re-radius the opening to accomidate a 6.5 with little issue. And with the placing of the tweeter in the factory 3.5 location (When i had the orginal dash in my 93 this is what I did, now I have a 2001 dash and have custom a-pillar pods for my tweeters) using the stock speakers (minus the cone, spider and magnets) basket as a mount, will provide you with great staging, and mid-bass. Since your car is a vert, I dont know what speakers are in the rear. But I suggest a good quality co-axial in the rear and possibly a 10 in the trunk for some low end reinforcement....

    All this comming from a guy who is happy that the Mach 460 stuff he swapped in works...
  8. Thanks for the replies...

    My car was bone stock when I got it three years ago. I got tired of having the top down on a nice sunny day listening to cassettes in the factory stereo through rotted out paper factory speakers...

    Chrome_Rust - I'm not as audiophile-ish as you lol but I had a Sanyo FXCD500 AM/FM/CD/Cass single din laying around that I was hesitant to install because I really didn't want the 4 holes in my console from the install kit, but I bit the bullitt because I just couldn't take the factory stereo any longer. I got all the wiring adapters from crutchfield because I absolutely will not cut factory wiring. I didn't want to do an all-out big buck system because let's face it, you can get into my car with a knife lol.

    I swapped out the dash 3.5's with Bazooka ELC3502P's with 600 Hz Bass Blockers. I replaced the 5x7's in the rear with Bazooka ELC5702P's. The difference is AMAZING so far, since the head unit puts out 20 watts RMS/45 peak x 4 channels. I can finally feel the music in the back of the seat...

    I have a set of Alpine 6.5's that I thought I'd throw in the doors to see if it makes a difference, which is why I started this post.

    I do also have a Bazooka 8" tube with a built in amp in the garage but it would take up most of the small trunk space I have in the convertible, so we'll see about that.

    I am glad that the wiring is in there it will make plopping in the Alpines a quick task.

  9. years ago I had the 8" tubes in a extended cab truck. It rocked! If I was in your shoes, i would install it with quick style disconnect that way you can remove it when you need to haul a carton of eggs back there.

    As for the 6.5's that you have, throw em' in... you will be supprised at how much better it will sound.
  10. I've got an 87 convertible too and I just got some 5x7 pioneers for the doors and some 6x8 infinity speakers for the back but I'm not entirely sure how to get to the rear speakers. I just bought this car less than a year ago to fix up as my little getaway to myself from some folks who already replaced the system but messed it all up by cutting out crude holes for bigger speakers in the doors, fudging up the wiring and never even had the radio working. However, I do look forward to many projects on this car in the future.
  11. Hey all!

    Well this past weekend I had to remove the door panels on my Stang to replace the power lock actuators... While in there I removed the factory vapor barrier covering the speaker hole, peeked in, and sure enough the factory wiring/plug was neatly taped to the inside of the door. I had the wiring adapter from Crutchfield, plugged in the 6.5 Alpines I had laying in the garage (for a looooong time by now lol) and finally installed those speakers in the doors. It literally only took 15 minutes per side!! WHAT a difference, I am just sorry I waited so long to do it...

    Thanks to all for their help! :nice:
  12. Speakers

    I was wondering what speakers were a good choice for all of the three spots in a hatch back car. Also does anyone have a factory am fm cassette they would sell cheap if I decide to go stock? I just replace the console and hate to drill holes in it for the aftermarket install kit. [email protected]