?????? 87-93 Headers from ebay

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  1. Phrase "you get what you pay for" comes to mind. Cheap headers might not fit correctly, may not seal correctly, probably will rott through in very little time. Pay the extra and get a quality brand name.
  2. They look nice, but I'd like to know who their supplier is. Exhaust parts are one of those things that will either fit like a glove if you buy quality parts or will come out *****ty if you skimp on them. I think they would perform as well as others out there, but installation is the big unknown. How hard are they to put in, were the primarys well thought out so that the bolts are easy to get on and off and of course, will they burn you plug wires or are they bent so as not to interfere.
  3. roadrunner just go buy some MAC headers or some other good name brand company like FRPP. If you wanna buy headers just PM me and i will give you the number to a local mustang shop around us and he give good prices. PM me for the number.