1. good pick up :nice:
  2. i got the upper intake off, along with the injectors and fuel rail removed over the weekend. i had NO idea there was that much crap attached the upper intake. i kept thinking i had the last thing removed and tried to lift it off, only to realize there was something else attached to it. i pulled the fuel rail and injectors off but can't figure out how unhook the fuel lines. what do i have to have to unhook those circular connections??? i'm going to try to look through the shop manual today or tomorrow and find out what i need. i'm guessing i'm going to need a special tool to unhook them.

    i also removed the d/s valve cover just because i was itching to see te valves. ALL of the bolts holding the valve covers on was virtually finger tight! i'm thinking that could have caused some of the oil leaks :shrug: :D i was going to tackle the driver's side head but ran out of time.

    i believe i'm going to pull off the nose piece and both front fenders next. i have the car jacked up so high to keep the tires off the ground i'm having a hard time reaching the center of the block without having to stretch. so i'll drop the wheels/tires and lower the jacks. then off with the body pieces.

    i was going to attach a pic of the connection i'm referring to but apparently i have reached a limit of pic posting??? i'll have to figure out how to throw more pics up here. time to find the "how to post pics" thread :stupid:
  3. you need a spring clip tool. you can get them at your local part store. they are used a lot for fuel and A/C lines.
  4. good call, i have the same fittings on my a/c lines and the lines going into the heater core i believe. hopefully it's not some crazy snap-on only type tool. i'll be checking autozone this afternoon. thanx!
  5. [​IMG][/IMG]

    i've followed the directions on the sticky and i've followed the directions from photobucket but i'm obviously doing something wrong.

    don't know, i must be an idiot. i cannot get this photobucket pic to link up.

    i was getting a red x so i tried a couple of other things and nothing is working.

    i MUST be a genius! i figured it out!! :bang:
  6. can we see the valves :D
  7. sure, here you go.........

    i have no idea what they should look like, so you'll have to tell me if they look like crap or if they look normal.
  8. they look fine.
  9. yup look good to me i gotta pull mine off in about 2 weeks and see what mine are looking like
  10. i got a little more work done to the car over the long weekend. the block is ready to come out of the car....at least as far as i know :shrug:




    now i just have to figure out what to do next.
  11. a little bit of an update........

    FINALLY got the engine/tranny out of the car. now i just have to start figuring out what comes next. there is a TON of wires, cables, lines ect in the engine bay of these cars. i never really realized how much stuff there was in there.

    on to the next step :nice:




  12. Good lord thats a hell of an engine hoist you got there.
  13. HaHa thats how i swapped my engine into the roller
    way easier than a hydraulic hoist
  14. i had to use what i could get my hands on :D from there it's going on an engine stand that i borrowed...lol gotta keep costs down you know :nice:

    i did learn a few things on how NOT to do it, but i'll know better for when i put the motor back in.
  15. How hard is it to pull the engine/tranny as one piece, any trouble spots that way, planning to pull mine in the next month or so, I have an aod tranny though. Nice progress.
  16. suggestions from what i think i did wrong.....

    1) completely remove the gear shift handle......i removed only the longest part that the shift knob is attached to which leaves a lever several inches long on top of the tranny.

    2) either leave the headers on the block or take them OUT of the car. i unbolted mine and left them attached to the catalytic converters. BIG mistake. they got in the way entire time!!

    3) i'm not sure how to take it off yet since i left mine attached, but maybe take the dipstick tube off as well. it sticks way out at a funny angle. i haven't looked at real close yet, but i believe i broke mine during the process.

    4) if you're using a forklift like i did, i'd suggest taking off the hood too. if you're not easy on the "sticks" you'll hit the fenders and/or hood with the forks. this may not be an issue at all if you do it the normal way of using an engine hoist :shrug:

    we ended up removing all of the brackets under the car around the tranny and exhaust system. don't know if it's necessary but that's what we did.
  17. yep on all but the dipstick
    notice no hood
  18. Damn, you paid $75 for an explorer intake?? That's a damn good deal and a half.

    I think installing the trans/engine together as 1 peice is easy. Just make sure the radiator is out and you have friends to help. Also, hood's gotta come off or tilt way back and get some friends. I've pulled 5.0+ AOD's before...and IMHO it's easier to install an AOD bolted onto the engine from the front than under the car trying to line up the torque converter studs to the flywheel.

    Just gotta make sure no fluids are in the trans...or it will come out
  19. yup only part i ****ed up on, made a HUGE mess