1. take the yoke (only) and plug that big hole in the back with it. I taped an old extra one I had on the back when I did my 4cyl swap several years ago and no messy messy and tranny was still full. jeez that was like 2003-04ish ..... seems like yesterday. Anyways I think it is way easier to take it out and put it back in all together. No holding a tranny up on my chest. My friend Bart (latamud) showed me the way to get it in without a jack or stand. Can be painful but works great and is fast.
  2. nice progress man hope i dont have any troubles pulling mine
  3. made some very minor progress in the last couple of days. i got the trans, clutch and flywheel seperated from the motor. also got the 302 onto an engine stand. it's amazing what you can learn just by taking something apart.




  4. cool. I see a tremec decal on the t5. Is it the 3550?
  5. idk if this has already been asked but how many miles was on the motor?
  6. i honestly don't remember. i had the trans put in there a long time ago. i actually forgot that it was a tremec unit. i'll have to look tomorrow and see which one it is. from what i remember, when i had it put in, it was labeled as a z-rated trans??
  7. about 188k on the odo. as far as i know, the motor has never been out of the car. it was running decent, it just wouldn't pass smog any longer. it was leaking oil like crazy but when i pulled it apart, a number of the top end bolts were finger tight.
  8. just wanted to add a small update on my progress....

    got the front suspension completely removed over the weekend. the only thing left in there is the k-member power steering rack. i also took off the front bumper cover.

    everytime i open the hood and see all of the wires, vacuum lines, etc still sitting in the engine bay i ask myself, "what have you got yourself into"!!??

    so i guess it's time to start gathering front suspension pieces :nice: and begin the powdercoat/painting process.
  9. Looking good so far.....
  10. meant to put up a couple of pics but forgot.