Digital Tuning 87 into 91 Stang Turbo Computor

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  1. I may finally get around to swapping the 87 TC engine into my 91 Mustang.....

    How-ever, Stinger recommends using the '87 computor which I may have either miss-placed or neglected to remove from the doner car (over 2 years ago).

    What are my options?

    Does the PiMP ECU (listed on Stinger's web site) work as a PnP replacement? Will it work without the "re-pinning"?

    What other options do I have? I'd like to know it all works before I spend $700 on a computor.

  2. Why don't you ask Stinger that on his forum?
  3. Didn't know he had his own place.
  4. The MAF mustang ecu's can be tuned - C1A1, etc...
    v8 ecu conversion is possible, although it is experimental...
  5. I've heard great things about Stinger and his pimp. If you're just putting your swap together it may be wiser to get a stock replacement CPU and get things running right before trying to go stand alone. I'm in the middle a swap on my '89 right now. It should be easier to know the CPU is right and sort out my end than to have the CPU trying to tune while I'm sorting my end out.

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