Progress Thread '87 LX ongoing build thread - Trans mount and egr questions

Jul 2, 2017
Right now, I'm putting the Mustang back together and have encountered a few problems.

1987 LX 5.0 5-speed for reference.

1st is the transmission mount. I picked up an Anchor # 2530 and installed it. Now, when I go to put the h-pipe on, it was tight to the underside of the cross member. Pulled the mount out and noticed it's taller than the original one by about a half inch. Went to the parts store this morning and they looked in the older books and they list three different mounts through the years. Anchor seems to be making one now that supposedly works for all years and transmissions. I can make do without that exhaust hanger or modify it to work, but my worry is with the tail of the trans higher, is that going to cause any driveline problems? Vibrations, etc..?

2nd is I am now running GT-40 (three bar) heads and Explorer intake. I will be using the EGR system, but not the injection ports in the heads (cause they don't exist). How are you guys hooking up the air pump tubes/valves to work around this? I'm not going to use the warm up air injection at all.

I have a couple more questions (electrical), but will hold off on those for now. Going to keep this thread updated as future concerns/problems arise.

Thanks all,
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Feb 18, 2001
Do you have cats? If not you do not need the air injection system.

With the GT40 heads lacking the air ports, you can remove the diverter and section of tube that runs to the head and just run the tubing down to the h pipe. You can then cap he vacuum line off.

Now instead of the air pump sending air to the heads when cold and h pipe when hot, it will just send air to the h pipe.
Jul 2, 2017
Yes, the car still has cats. I will do exactly what you described. Sounds like the easiest way to do it.

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