Fox 87 Notch Progresss

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  1. I new to this forum! I don't even know if im posting this correctly. I just thought i would share some progress of my fox body that i purchased last year. Ive done a few things this past year and am currently 351w swapping it right now. Ill try to keep updating this thread with new things im doing to it this winter.

    The day of purchase 13062359_1742268239387603_4024085488327088945_n.jpg 13094204_1742268259387601_3031061234872181297_n.jpg 13095907_1742268266054267_4696688469563897277_n.jpg 13102742_1743390679275359_1381530046053085454_n.jpg

    I defiantly wanted to fix the rust asap because i live in Nebraska.

    13062507_1743390725942021_1245607635579232586_n.jpg 13139219_1743390682608692_1478221763556391944_n.jpg 13094211_1743390709275356_8001590078417296300_n.jpg 13062507_1743390725942021_1245607635579232586_n.jpg 13139224_1743762482571512_1730578463947278973_n.jpg 13102680_1743390719275355_8387001860203497024_n.jpg

    The next thing i wanted to address was the interior is was an absolute wreck.
  2. The next thing i wanted to address was the interior is was an absolute wreck.
  3. Just wanted to do some suspension work to the car so i could feel comfortable driving it. This is only temporary, i do plan on changing it again down the road.

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  4. I decided to make a impulse decision and buy a nitrous kit for my notch. There was a roll race event coming up and i wanted to have some fun. The car had new brake lines and some gt40 upgrades and i was gonna run a 100 shot after i put some new spark plugs and changed the timing.
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  5. Welcome ! Nice work so far !

    What paint did you use on the interior ?
  6. My friend in his turbo 5.3 gave me a hand picking up my 351w.
    13346649_1761642150783545_5459777039443349698_n.jpg 13423941_1764340173847076_6578446754051535231_n.jpg 13413646_1764340167180410_4779836845057100205_n.jpg
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  7. Bought the 351w for $600 and ended up selling the upper and lower intake for $800.

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  8. The engine ended up having world product jr windsor heads on it. I decided to sent the to the machine shop to get the resurfaced and pressure check for any cracks.
    14725473_1826534507627642_663165172439989710_n.jpg 14956489_1833874456893647_4292101556342498875_n.jpg 14992085_1833874430226983_42728432975203105_n.jpg 13418963_1761832174097876_3041585886297933507_n.jpg
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  9. F303 cam
    Comp Timing Chain
    Howard linked lifters
    renegade springs and retainers .512 lift .
    ford performance lower jr victor intake

    • s-l64.jpg
    • s-l64.jpg
    • s-l64.jpg
    • s-l64.jpg

    Edelbrock Throttle Body Intake Elbow 38493
    QUANTUM 340LPH Intank Fuel Pump
    AFR 52mm Wideband O2 UEGO Controller Gauge Air Fuel Ratio


    At racing world fuel rail


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  11. Welcome to :SN:

    Great Job on the build. You seem to have a very good start on the project. Whats the final goal for the car? Keeping it N/A or boosting it or keeping the juice?