Fox 87 Notch Progresss

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  1. I guess we have to make our own comments as to what he's building.
  2. I guess im using this thread wrong. Im new here.
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  3. We don't Instagram.

    Forums are designed so that there is discussion and deliberation about a thread/topic. Part of the deal is we write about what we are doing.
    Words with no pics are meaningless, pics with no words have no story.
  4. Or we could add our own commentary, but then you may not like some of us, there are some jokers around here.:jester:
    No me of course, I'm always serious.
  5. The pics are great (except the one up on the lift-that one looked kinda scary lol.) but with no dialogue - not really sure what's going on other than some shiny new parts- keep posting pics-just add some words to go with them,and then I'll add some words,@karthief will add some funny words,@a91what will add some complicated and hard to pronounce words,@madmike1157 will correct spelling and we will all have a good time conversing with you about what you are doing ,offer ideas. Support when you're stuck and useless banter when you are waiting for parts :D
  6. And random pics of beer with strange names
  7. This is a web forum dude people actually still talk here. It's more than a collection of pics. The difference between the two is that (typically), you tell us what we're looking at (i.e. the car appears to have fallen off the lift) You tell us what you're doing,..and add pics to corroborate that.
    And when compared to you posting a pic, and I reply "cool" or "woah", or OMG! like the mindless waste of time IG is, this site requires that you engage your reader w/ your commentary. Unless you didn't look at another single build/progress thread here, It's not like that was hard to figure out.
    If it's too much trouble for you to simply add a couple of lines of text to your updates, maybe I/G is your place.
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  8. what's Instagram?
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