Fox 87 Tilt Steering Column?

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  1. Need to source some parts in order to get my 87 driving again.

    On my tilt column, one of the 11 previous owners decided to rig up an after market steering wheel.

    In doing so, they buggered the shaft where the steering wheel connects, and the horn connection is no where to be found. Which will cause problems for a safety inspection next year.

    What this has caused is the steering wheel at times to slip and turn with out turning the wheels, which is as scary as it sounds when driving.

    So. Do I replace the whole column, or can the end part of the tilt be removed and fixed?

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  2. I have one pm me an offer plus whatever shipping will be and save yourself the headache.
  3. Very upsetting to see how these Foxes have been treated over the past couple decades. Hard to find a non hacked up 5.0 these days.
  4. When I bought the car very cheap, I knew it was going to be a challenge, it amazes me though how people rig up important parts of the car. I can see using electrical tape on the radio wiring, but a steering wheel... Makes you go hmmm.
  5. From my experience the deeper you dig into these type of hack job cars the more you find and the more you want to back hand some PO's.
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  6. There are plenty- too many in my opnion- fox body's being parted out. Find one and swap the entire column out. It's a few bolts a couple of connectors and you are done. You can change the ignition switch while you have it out.
  7. When I bought the car, it had no brakes, found that all of the bleeder valves was open, and only one bolt in the booster.
  8. Was his name forzalife by any chance? :rlaugh:
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