87 xrt. wireharness auto. good or bad

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  1. im going to covert to turbo is the wiring harness out of the xrt. auto any good?my 87 mustang is a 5 speed.i got the whole wiring harness.also got the sensors.
  2. I suppose it's "good" but you don't need the harness anyways so why does it matter? :shrug:

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  3. stinger, u say i dont need the harness. OK! so your saying to use my factory harness. i read your page on how to do this. the coputer is a PK1 is this ok!
  4. Well, if you modify the pinouts to match the PK1 it will be fine. Best bet is to just pick up and LA or LB series computer from an 87-88 Turbo Coupe and follow the directions exactly. You should be able to pick one up for less than 75 shipped.

  5. alright, my money was spent wrong. would the automatic computer work. the reason is i can get one quick.i was a v8 man with a 12 sec mustang. i want a sleeper with good gas mileage. your help is appriciated.
  6. Auto computer from an 87 or 88 TC will work just fine...should be an LB2, LB3, or 8AU computer.

  7. you say to use the vam wire harness r you talking about the 4 prong plung that goes to the vam.be patient with me. if this was a v8 swap i would have it naild.i have a 5 lug 8.8 rear with 4:10s in it.this weekend i will put in along with 5 lug rotors and pro stars.
  8. Yes, the one that plugs into the vam...you only need 10" or so.

    Do you have a 91-93 or 87-90?

  9. the computer is out of an 88 i beleive[auto] my car is an 87. i will fined out in the morning 4 sure
  10. I have an 88 TC auto computer that I'll sell for $55. Its an 8UA.

    You definately want to use your factory harness. You can rewire it in less time than it takes to remove the harness.
    simply put cut and splice 3 wires
    add one for the VAM
    and ground the premium fuel switch computer pin.

    The merk harness is good for swaps into off the wall things. Commonly used in pinto swaps since the engine harness is self-contained.

    I'm looking for a cheap merk harness if your looking to get rid of one.
  11. i will sell it let know if you still want it. does this mean that i will have to buy another vam? im told the tc got a bigger vam.
  12. Correct...you should be able to get one for 30 bucks or less though.
  13. Then correct that. Toss the Xr harness on Turboford for 50-60 bucks. Then grab just the VAM plug you need off of the same Tc your getting the auto computer from.

    Problem solved :D
  14. sounds simple enough.i hope. im thinking if i cant sell the xr harness sone i will start my next project a turbo fairmont stationwagon.one bad sleeper!
  15. lol
    I'll trade you the XR harness for a big VAM and I'll sell the computer for $50. :D
  16. 351wcoupe,do you want the computer and vam with the harness?
  17. by putting the 8au computter in my 5 speed am i going to have problems with the saftey start switch?
  18. Nope. No problems.

    The nuetral safety start switch is in the ignition harness and not the computer/engine harness.

    The computer does have an input for it, but thats only for error codes.
  19. im in the process of building a .30 over turbo motor port job on every thing. 4 know can i run around 8 psi. on the stock motor with out melting a piston. my motor will be done around feburary.
  20. Why not .10 over? Sure makes for a stronger engine.

    If it is in fact a turbo motor with stock forged pistons then 8psi is childs play...try something like 15-18psi.