87 xrt. wireharness auto. good or bad

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  1. i ment the stock motor that is in the car now[ non turbo]. the reason i said .30 is i bought the pistons already
  2. Well, .030 over should be alright as long as you don't have big power plans then...

    You can do as you mentioned with the stock motor IF you change over to the turbo injectors, computer, vam, etc....basically do the complete swap except for the actual swap of the engines.

  3. u say .30 should b alright. does that mean there will b a problem in the future? and i do have a computer, vam , injectors , and vam harness. thanks 4 your help!
  4. today i got the big vam and a 8a-lb3 is this a good computer or not it was free.it all came from an 88 tc automatic. i can also get a pc-1 for $40
  5. I said it should be alright because boring an engine .030 over is simply a waste of cylinder wall strength (removing cylinder wall material). Most people don't have any trouble though unless they push over 300hp.

    The LB3 is a great computer.

  6. OK. boring .30 is not bad. i asked this because i didnt know if .30 was the max.excuse me 4 asking alot,but if this was a 5.0 i would be telling people answers.sone as i figure the 2.3 out i will b ok.thanks again!
  7. Yes, it's the max...
  8. tell me stinger the vam wires? do i run them all the way inside the car 2 the computer? or can i splice them out side under the hood?and do i need 2 change any sensors?if not then this prodject is a go 4 this weekend! thanks!
  9. Where the EGR position sensor wired are ct that connector off and splice into the three wores there. They are color coded and its easy. Other than you have to run one wire through the firewall for the VAM.

    Hey stinger what do you mean by not going any father than .030 over. Dude think about the extra 2 cubic inches. In 302 terms thats almost enough for a "stroker motor" :rolleyes:
  10. ok cool you got a computer then very good. Now I'll drive up and wire it for you if you give me the merk harness and stuff.
  11. well u can come but it would be a long ride. since u told me so much i will meet u 1/2 way, lets say some where in manasas.i have comput.wire harness,vam and i believe all the sensors or at least the ones that were hooked on at the time. i payed $80, lets talk! $.
  12. getting better.
    Actually though where is oxford, PA? I'm always in and out of Pa for something. I'm just under 2 hrs from waynesboro and I'll be heading to statecollege before too much longer.
  13. well tell me what roads u know in pa and i will get u here the fastest i know. o im a truck driver so getting u here is no problem.if you are from luray va. come up rt.66 e. to 495 e. to 95 n. go to exit 100 nort east md. make left off exit follow into oxford.im going by your location.
  15. ok u know your roads, thats good. if u are stiil thinking about the harness let me know! thats when u are ready. also can i run the harness and drive the car w/o the turbo 4 a couple of weeks, im going 2 by a complete turbo motor the 1st. week in january.from an 88 tc. 5 speed.
  16. Yes, you can run it without the turbo for a couple weeks...
  17. thanks stinger! got all my parts and more ready to start