Fox 88 Convertible Top Framework

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  1. Hi guys, new here. My wife and I just bought a 1988 drop top, and the front section of the frame for the top is snapped in several places, mostly on the passenger side (not to mention the canvas had been repaired with denim)
    Can I replace just the front section of the frame, or do I have to put a whole new top assembly on the car? And where can I find this? I have searched all over for the top frame and have had absolutely no luck whatsoever.

    Any help is appreciated

    Matt & Amy Campbell
  2. You will have to find a compatible frame at the jy. Tap out the roll pins and the pieces you will need come right off. Be careful. Of you break the punch off in the pin there is no getting them back out.
  3. Where are you located? I have a whole top, minus rear window it great shape.
  4. I'm out in Goodyear, Arizona. What would you want for the top?
  5. I went through this, I thought about changing just the front part so I picked up a top frame for a couple hundred bucks, and then was lucky enough to get a clean top out of a 1993 which are more desired because of strength and they sit further in the top well. they can be had for a couple hundred bucks. really easy to swap I have had mine in and out more than once just have a friend give you a hand.