88' Coupe, Recommended Tire Size For 18" Rims

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  1. Sure is

    I got 3rd place that year :)
  2. A little home sick now that I saw that picture. Ah the good ole days :cool:
  3. Not me, I was just there for 2 weeks and so crowded ugh. I have to go back for 2 more weeks after the 4th blah!
  4. I haven't been back to SD since I moved here. I miss it when it's just a thought or a memory but as far as me wanting to buy a plane ticket and go visit, heck no.
  5. I just drove back 19 hours and 1450 miles in a rented Versa. I did t hate it really

    I am going to be here for almost 3 weeks. Oh well gots to pay the bills