88 GT Hatchback Spoiler on 89 GT Convertible

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by kowalczyk86, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Will an 88 GT Hatchback Spoiler fit on 89 GT Convertible? How about the Ground Effects & Hood?
  2. The ground effects and hood will fit. These cars are identical in those areas. Only the tops and hatch areas are different.

    No the HB wing will not fit the vert trunk lid.
  3. Plus it would look goofy as hell.
  4. If I'm not mistaken some of the convertibles came with the hatchback type spoiler rather than the luggage rack..
  5. Are you thinking of the coupe spoiler? That is the only other OE spoiler the 'verts had. Anything else would have been aftermarket.


    Sorry, that was the best pic I could find.
  6. You're probably thinking of the '92-93 "Limited Edition" convertibles. These limited verts featured a unique slightly larger wing than the stock typical luggage rack/spoiler.

    That was the only other wing offered by Ford for the fox verts.

    Or, could you be thinking of the Saleen wings? Very popular after market wing.
  7. I've seen an LX wing bolted on a notch before....no it did not look good.

    The only convertibles to come with a wing were the 92-93 LE cars.

    There are convertible wings available...1993 Cobra and Saleen. But they are unique to convertibles and not interchangible with hatches
  8. Thanks everyone - I could have sworn that I saw a late 80's convertible with original spoiler but it must have been aftermarket. I saw the spoilers they have on American Muscle, and some day I will just get one of those.

    The reason I was asking is because someone has an 88 spoiler and ground effects for sale along with hood and he doesn't want much for it.
  9. Is that your 'vert in your sig? Doesn't it already have ground effects?
  10. Well the ground effects will bolt on, as will the hood. The wing won't, so you can just craigslist that
  11. Yeah I already have ground effects. I was thinking just to stash away just in case..