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  1. I have been a long term member on here, but have gone away for a few years do to getting married, having 2 kids, and buying/selling 3 houses due to out going them. In my new house I can finally put some time into upgrading the fox the way I have want for quite a while. I have had the car since 2003, and had gone through the teenage years of stripping everything, racing seats, etc. Now that I have gotten older, I have noticed that probably wasn't the smartest decision in the world. I have been working on these cars since 1993, so I have seen some of the good, bad, and ugly.

    The purpose of this build is having a road race/cornering inspired car that can be daily-driven. The car will be mostly driven on the street with a couple track days or just mountain driving. It will also be getting a snail in the future.

    Some of the specs currently:

    331 Stroker
    Iron Heads (not sure brand as they are not E7, GT40, or GT40P)
    24# Cobra Injectors
    70mm TB and EGR delete plate
    LC-2 Wideband
    AOD (Will be going to 4R70W)
    98 8.8 Rear with 2.73

    MM Front Coilovers 350lb springs
    MM Strut Tower brace
    MM Full Length Subframe Connectors
    Koni Yellow Struts and Shocks
    MM CC Platers
    UPR Pro Series Lower Control Arms

    95 Front Spindles
    FTR Brake Bracket Kit
    14" Boss Drilled and Slotted Rotors
    S197 Front Calipers
    Stock 98 Rear Disk Brakes
    Ford Racing BPV
    AMR Dark Stainless 18X9 Drift Wheels

    Next Plans:
    I am now working on the next phase of the project to include converting to a 4R70W transmission controlled by a Mircosquirt Transmission Controller that will be connected to my already MSPNP for engine controls via CAN. I will also be replacing the current instrument cluster with an 7" LCD screen running a RPi3 with my tuning software Tunerstudio loaded. Lastly, will be replacing the steering wheel with a new one, but also including Paddle Shifters.
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  2. Sounds like a cool build Got any pics?
  3. 2.73 gears? :shrug:
  4. Yeah it is a totally sucky gear set for sure. I'm looking at putting in 3.27 or 3.55 but have been waiting to put the new transmission in first.
  5. Started to work on new instrument cluster. Next steps, I have ordered the 7" LCD screen, RPi3, Black ABS plastic, and Turn Signal and High Beam LED Indicators.

    IMG_20180106_205914644~2.jpg IMG_20180106_205930364~2.jpg
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  6. Here are some more pictures of the process to the current state above:
    - Before instrument cluster
    - Trimming of the instrument cluster base
    - Making of the template
    - Outlining the template on the plastic for cutting
    IMG_20171117_192216340~2.jpg IMG_20171117_191951961~3.jpg IMG_20171117_195631921~2.jpg IMG_20171117_195640199~2.jpg IMG_20171217_205111786~2.jpg
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  7. Those gears should be good on road course depends on where you are going, 3.27 for fast course 3.55 for twistier.
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  8. The two courses I would be going to is Road Atlanta and Atlanta Motorports Park.
  9. Never been to either, I'm in Ohio. They are pretty different tracks, toss up with what rear gear, 3.55 might be best with power you're making.Panhard bar really helped tighten up the back end. Stock 3.08 in mine worked ok on local track I ran a lot, about 5800 in third in short straights.

  10. I have also been debating going with a 3.31 rear gear as it is between both gear sets.

    Suspension upgrades planned for the rear are panhard bar, PM3L, and Battle boxes.

    Also what are you using for video and track/speed/lap and time displays?
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  11. An app on my phone called Track Addict. Just using free version but still pretty good. Used download on computer called Race Render to upload video, free version allows 3 minutes. Might have to experiment with rear gear, hard to tell until you get out there. Heard good and bad about PM3L, mine are still both connected. Not sure what MM says about PM3L with their panhard bar. Have you seen MM site about Mustang panhard tech?
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  12. Yeah I have read all the tutorials from MM. Also, Talked with Jack Hidley at MM and his advice is to make sure that it's non-binding and braced. I am putting in spherical bushing and double adjustable upper control arms and Battle boxes. I am looking at Team Z since they will sell just one and there stuff is solid from what I can tell.
  13. Thank you very much as I will be looking into the app. I'm not able to get on the track as much as I want, but are excited to get the new work done as there is a road in the mountains called the "dragons tail" that I am looking forward to driving after the new stuff is done.
  14. I've heard of the dragons tail, track time gets expensive, have fun and keep the shiny side up.
  15. Yeah I agree it gets expensive which is why I don't get to do it as much as I would like too.
  16. Just finished ordering my GT style paddle shifters


    I also ordered 2 door lock actuators based on @jrichker door lock actuators design.
  17. Well USPS has left me a package this afternoon. They are slowly starting to come in. Picked up a new manual shift boot and bezel.


    I will also be getting some new seats out of a 2013 Mustang GT with black leather and some foxbody sliders. I will get some pictures when I pick them up.
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  18. Ah now I have found your build thread. Did you do the tuning for the engine? If so the integration for the trans over can should be smoother than if you had no experience. I like the dash idea alot! Can't wait to see fruition on this phase of the project.
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  19. Thanks for the feedback! I finally decided to put a build thread together as it forces me to take pictures throughout the process, but also want the feedback. I know I am not going to have a "normal" build as most.

    Yes, I did all the tuning of the engine myself with your help (THANK YOU) and msextra research. I started with using a quarterhorse with the stock computer, so I had the basic understanding. I wanted more flexibility, and the ability to do transmission control as well. This isn't an option with the quarterhorse and ended up getting into the MS platform. DIYAutoTune is 10 minutes from my work office, so it was an easy option for me to go directly to them.

    Yes, you are defiantly right about tieing the engine and transmission control together via Can Bus, which is one of the reasons I chose this platform. This led me to my current project of replacing the instrument cluster with just an LCD screen, and running Tunerstudio on a RPi3. It is a a LOT cheaper than a Racepak which was my original plan, but also wanted the ability to make changes to the tune either engine or transmission without the need of my laptop in the passenger seat anymore. The customization abilities with the dashboard are endless too.

    I will keep everyone informed on this process when the parts come in later this week or next week. I cant install it in final form until the transmission is swapped out due to loosing my speedometer. Here is a current copy of the dashboard I have put together.

    Dashboard Pic.JPG
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  20. Hmmm.... I wonder if the diypnp will take a pulsed input from the vss and use that to calculate mph.... if so I can do this dash swap as well.
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