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Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by Mustangnut6788, Jan 11, 2010.

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  1. I parted out a 88 GT and I have pretty much a complete interior. I also have a set of good doors with PL/PW along with a solid coupe/vert trunk lid. Also have GT moldings and a good drivers side fender. If you need any other parts let me know, I probably have them. Everything was in pretty good shape. I can take pictures if there is something particular you are interested in.


    Check out my other parts for sale, I have lots of SBF parts, intakes, injectors, Weld Draglites, and lots of stuff in between.
  2. I need door panels complete. console complete. Let me know how much? Thanks, Scott
  3. Sent you PM
  4. What color is it? I'm looking for the hatch trim pieces (behind the headlights), hatch carpet & driver's seat.
  5. im looking for the panel that cases the radio mine was broken after my radio got stole. Its the panel going up towards the ac controls
  6. The interior was gray. I should still have the rear hatch pieces. No carpeting though, wasn't worth saving. I have two front seats but they are from a 91-92 GT and they are grey but not the same seats as an 88 GT.

    I don't have anything that houses the radio that mounts into the console. Sorry
  7. i need a cluster bezel let me know if you got it thanks steve..
  8. Yup I got all that stuff.
  9. In need of a pair of seats

    Hey I was wondering if you have some seats for sale? If you do please respond to [email protected] or you can call me at 309-631-0874. Thanks
  10. I was wondering if you have the front gt bumper still
  11. Hey budd u still happen or have a center counsel arm rest.Thanx
  12. I'm looking for the roller thingy (?) that covers the hatchback area. In opal gray.

  13. are parts still available from this car?
  14. +1 - would like info/pics on the door panels please...
  15. looking for interior trim parts if you still have them. like the hatch pannals and such
  16. i need a passenger side rear cheese cutter style tail lite... thanks
  17. Looking for the roller shade cover for a hatch. Grey in color.

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