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  1. I don't know how to go about this, so bear with me. Also I have little experience with such a thing. I've only been working on actual cars for a few years, but I really wanted to do this. It will be a slow build as I probably make less than you if you have a job, but PRIORITIES!

    [EDIT: My plans have changed (NO WAY!). I'm thinking restomod it. (Coyote, IRS, etc.) Though it might be a bit more of a race car when it comes to the interior.]

    Current engine specs include:
    Supposed 306 with domed pistons.
    Edelbrock Performer RPM Intake kit.
    Holley heads. (I read bad things about these, so we'll see how these hold up until I build the new engine)
    BBK long tube headers, Flowmaster back.
    I think PO said a Crane cam, no specs though
    Aeromotive Fuel pressure regulator.
    I wanna say an MSD 6AL but I'd have to double check.
    Pro-Flow (Or Pro-M) MAF sensor.
    10409525_731218687014267_8563429402036948362_n (1).jpg
    She's pretty rough, so I like to think I'm saving the car.


    First things Hurst... Okay, sorry about that.


    And new sway bar bushings.


    Sometime soon, I will install the new seat belts and exterior door handles.
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  2. You need a fan shroud.
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  3. I know, it's in the forever growing list of parts. Until I get an e-fan.
  4. Looks like you have a nice base to start with... How about the name Project Blue Storm?
  5. That's not bad, not bad at all. If a mod would change it to that for now, I'd be cool with it.
  6. Boom. Done.
  7. Perfect name for her!
  8. Awesome, thanks!
  9. Based on the specs above, what viscosity oil would you guys recommend? 5w-30? 10w-30? I plan on going full synthetic.
  10. Asking what oil to use is like asking what the best fishing lure is. There are as many opinions as there are fishermen. Realistically, if you change your oil every 3 months/3000 miles, you will be ok with just about any brand or viscosity. IMHO...

    p.s. I run Castrol 10W40
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  11. I run 10w30 and I specifically buy only oils that have been 100% made from the aged bodies of tyrannosaurus Rex. It brings out the killer instinct in my motor.
  12. it costs a bit more but you get what you pay for
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  13. if you want it,ive got an extra fan shroud you can have.. just pay for shipping.. im in milw wi. i got it for free when i baught an overflow bottle it came with. just lemme know.
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  14. Fckin' T-Rex.......jeez.....:rlaugh:
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  15. Man, that's a nice starting point you have. Keep posting pictures as you go along, we are whores that way.
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  16. basic hook with a fat worm on it.
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  17. We do love pics [emoji12] I have one lil piece of advice....get a performance block first...or stroke a 351.

    I'm doing a stock block turbo charged 331 right now. Its no fun praying to the block fairies hoping your block will survive your first romp.
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  18. I haven't really contributed much useful info to this thread, but here goes. For an 11 sec car you will absolutely need a stroker 351 block or a boosted 302 based block like you mentioned. These will in many, not all, cases shoot a daily driver in the foot. A wildly growing popular choice is dropping a coyote engine between the shock towers. Seeing as you are new to this scene and cars in general it is the most plug and play option. It will cost a wee bit more, but depending on your stroker plans, I'm thinking both options are within a few dollars of each other.
  19. Good start. Looking forward to your progress!

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