88 GT Resurection

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  1. I bought this GT in the early 90s. It was a completely stock 5.0 with an auto when I got it. I went through the usual mods over the years....3.73s, a B303 cam, Cobra Intake, conversion to 5 speed, wheels, exhaust, pearl paint...you get the idea.

    On Dec 31, 1998 I was driving home when the car shut off on me. I tried to restart it, but it would not turn over. I popped the hood and the crank pulley was at a 45 deg angle. The crank had snapped, broke the block and timing cover. I pulled the motor and went through a major upgrade. In went a new block, 342 stroker kit, stage 3 TW heads, TW intake, Z303 cam, Tremec TKO, MAC long tubes, 3" Pro chamber and 3" cat back.

    I was getting the car back together when my shop burned. The fire and heat stayed high so I did not lose the car, but damages were done. The pearl paint was cooked, windshield cracked, plastic pieces melted....basically killed my momentum to get the car done.

    The car sat in the corner about 8 years as my attention turned to collecting a few old Mopars. Now the shop is cramped and I need more room. I see the Mustang in the corner and decided it should be back on the road.

    I start by gutting the rest of the interior to clean and paint damaged area. The soot from the fire mixed with moisture is quite corrosive and has rusted quite a bit of stuff.

    Enough typing...on to some pics.

    Before Fire


    Shop After Fire


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    The Black GT is the same car as in the first pic. (customer's car..not mine.)
  2. Sheesh... lucky car. :eek:
  3. I began by removing the dash. I wanted to clean up the soot. Clean and paint the rusted stuff and rebuild the A/C box. If you ever have your dash out it would be a great idea to replace you heater core, evaporator core and blower motor.

    Dash Removal

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    Dash Out

    Now we see the rusted stuff and the AC box
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  4. Would you this thread added to the "Official Progress Threads" Thread?
  5. Next I pulled the pedal assembly and AC box. I took the pedal assy apart, blasted it, repainted and reinstalled it. Then I disassembled the AC box. I did not get the box done because all the parts did not arrive. I still need the evap I got on ebay.

    Rusty Pedal Assy
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    Cleaned and Painted
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    AC Box Disassembled
  6. Sure :nice:
  7. coming along well keep it up
  8. I was out of town and have not had a chance to update.

    When I had the pedals out I welded up an adjustable stop for the clutch pedal. Now I can adjust it to be the same height as the brake pedal.

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  10. Now the hard part. I completly dismantled the dash. I fixed and rewrapped the wiring. I blasted the rust from the metal frame and painted it. I cleaned all the plastic including the ducting inside and out.

    Rusty Dash
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    Clean Dash
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    Dash Installed

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  11. The last thing I got done was to remove all the sound deadening material from the floor. Most of it was loose and pealing. I replaced it with Dynamat type stuff.

    Clean Floor
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    Dynamat Floor
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  12. Wow - you are making some serious progress. I likey!
  13. Nice shop man! Nice car too. Im thinking of POR15ing my dash frame and pedal assembly. Ford just left it in bare metal so they all rust up like that. And are those original 4 lug Stern wheels?
  14. great job coming along nicely
  15. Great job lookin good man
  16. Thanks for all the compliments.

    The wheels are 17" Saleen Speedlines. And yes they are 4 lug.
  17. WOW...I can't believe it has been almost 2YEARS since my last update. After the economy died I had to close the shop. The Mustang was squeezed into my garage at home. I have still been working on it. Here are some engine pics. I was worried about the blower on a 10:1 engine so I took it off and Ebayed it. I also changer the intake to a R series which seems to suit the ported heads and Z cam better. This combo wasn't really blower friendly anyway.


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  18. hey - I was wondering what happened to this car. looks good, sorry to hear ya had to close your shop.....:(