88 Hatch with new deep dish Saleen replicas...PICS!!!

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  1. Hello every1...

    I thought u guys might enjoy these pics of my buddies 88 hatch with his new wheels.
    They are 17X8 & 17X10 deep dish Saleen SC replicas with 275/40/17 MT's in the rear...Definitely takes his fox to a new level. Before these wheels were on, he had 17x9 95 Cobra's with the rivets!!!! His car currently has a forged 306 with AFR 185's, custom high Tech cam, Holley systemax intake, Hooker LT's, 26 spline Tremec 3550, PA racing K member, front coilovers with lakewoods, & strange adjustable rears... Previously his car ran a best of 10.68 @131 on the stock bottom end with an S trim, & with it all motor it ran 11.68 @117.... he's getting ready to put the blower back on with 60 lb injectors, snow performance methanol kit, & a Bob Kurgan custom chip with 4 tunes....Anyway, enough about it, here are the pics....

  2. silly sick hahhhhd
  3. Looks good. I like the blue. Is it Sonic Blue? Looks like it is.
  4. No....I think its a Custom blue....Not too sure though. He will probably post up here soon with some specifics....
  5. To be honest, i'm not really liking them as much as i thought I would.

    I like the original Saleen wheel...but I don't think it looks good at all in a deep dish version. In fact, even the front wheel doesn't look right to me.
  6. thats a sweet azz stang. I like what he did with the front bumper, I've not seen that yet. I didn't even notice untill the third time i looked at it LOL. Do you know what offset he got on those wheels? they fit perfect in the rear. I was contemplating ordering them when they first came out but have been waiting to see how others like them. I think these pics made up my mind to take the plunge LOL
  7. Thanks for the compliments guys, everything is now coming together so I can put this S-Trim back on! :nice:...Demented5oh, I custom made the front bumper myself, its a full one piece front clip that wraps around just like the Cobra rear bumper.

    87ttopstang...No its not sonic blue, Epik is right I had my paint guy mix it up so its custom.

    I think I should be able to improve on my N/A 11.68 E.T once I slap the blower and the Snow kit on :D
  8. *looks over shoulder for co-workers*

    *begins fapping*

  9. I've seen front ends (and full bodies) like that on two or three Mustangs. They've all been blue too. Odd.
  10. U sure it wasnt his car with the old wheels & his cousins purple coupe?

  11. not diggin the plain silver wheel , i think the cobra's were a lil played out and its nice to see you get something different, but the chrome made the paint and the car look awesome, the chrome against that blue is just perfect
  12. +1

    +1 The originals have a totally flat face; no indent around the center cap like these do.

    They look good, and I like them way better than the cobras with the fake rivet indents, but they aren't pure sex like the originals to me :shrug:
  13. I think they look sick personally.... so what if they dont look exactly like the originals, theyre still a nice wheel IMO... The deep lip in the rear is my favorite part....
  14. I love deep dish wheels!

    Now those with a polished lip and a medium grey colored center might look INSANE! Also an 18" version as well :D.
  15. They look good, but they are missing something...
  16. I am on the fence. I think the car looks great with those wheels, but they are just too plain. I think they need something else. But they do look better than the old Cobra R's that were on it.
  17. I think the wheels and the car look good (not feeling the hood though).
  18. I'm really digging the wheels. I've been thinking about getting them but now after seeing them on your car I'm definetly going to get a set down the road after I get some other stuff done !