88 Hatch with new deep dish Saleen replicas...PICS!!!

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  1. Do it and do what I said, grey center and polished lip would look sexy!
  2. I wanna see them on a black coupe before i buy them,silver is too plain chromed would have looked better
  3. That sounds like an awesome idea 25th ! I'll either do that or possibly paint them black with a polished lip.
  4. Be worth the photochop of it :D.

  5. Soooooo not to jack the thread but who's good with photoshop? :D
  6. those look siiick....really makes the car
  7. Nice. I think the lip on the rear wheels is a bit extreme but it certainly gives the car a mean look. The finish on the wheels don't do the paint justice imo.
  8. I can pshop but Im not great with it! Would need a pic of your car in the same position as his and I could do it!
  9. :Word:
  10. Agreed.
    I'm disliking the rears.
    The fronts look better, but it's still the age old problem of 4 lugs and 5 spokes, there is no way symmetrically to make it correct.
    In general i like the rims, but i'd prefer no deep dish, and 5 lugs. And with the money spent on that car, the $250 or so it would of taken to go 5 lug would of been worth it.

    I'm also against painting drums the same color as the car, nothing wrong with having drums, god knows i had them for years, it's just you don't want something less desireable to be seen.
  11. i love the wheels where did you get these ,and do they come in black with a polished lip?
  12. Id say the problem with them is the 4lug look on a 5 spoke wheel like said earlier, it really throws ya off. but the 5lug version looks exactly like the original saleen wheel, or atleast i can't find a difference

    View attachment 330188
  13. Thanks for all the comments. I liked the look of this wheel so i bought it, not because I thought it was an exact clone of the originals, of course there is a difference. I wanted a DD wheel without the hassle of fitment issues and finding correct backspace/offset etc. Plus i'm still running the quad shocks and tailpipes so i was happy with that. I never understood the whole 4 lug 5 lug debate, I don't see how adding a lug makes a wheel look better :shrug: ..and $250 to swap to 5 lug?? $135 per 31 spline, $150 for c-clip eliminators, new front rotors, rear brakes, drums etc, A little more than $250. As for the brakes, yeah I will eventually go to disc but it stops fine for me now. It stopped me perfect when I was running mid 10's at 130-131.
  14. I like them and the four lugs do not look bad at all. I think everyone just likes to nit-pick on everything. I ordered a set myself. I am going to paint the centers a gun metal gray though. I am with you. I have too much in my 4 lugs to even think about switching. Looks Great by the way.
  15. You are running c clip eliminators on a Daily driver?
    That is alot of extra cost.
    Normally it only takes about 250 worth of parts done the cheap way.

    A 5 star wheel looks better with 5 lugs, because it's one lug per spoke, making a perfect pattern.
    Look at the comparison picture above, you can see the differnce, the 4 lug holes are almost in random spots.
    These rims you have do 4 lug a bit better than some of the others. 4 lug R's really don't look good.
  16. i think those wheels look boring compared to the cobra wheels :shrug:
  17. Thanks man. Yeah if you already have money into 4 lug why pay twice just to swap over to 5 lug.

    2000xp8..This car is far from my daily driver, just my weekend cruiser and take it to the track when I can. My '03 Cobra is my DD :nice: ..I see what you are saying about 1 lug per spoke being more centered, but honestly it doesn't bother me. Also I wanted a 17x8 front wheel and as of right now they are only offering it in 4 lug. My 17x9 Motorsport fronts rubbed on my A-arms and now the 17x8's don't. So if I was 5-lug I would have had to wait until they offer 17x8. Just another reason.
  18. U guys are being way too picky... I honestly think it looks sick & I never cared for his old wheels. Silver looks good, & Im not a fan of chrome, and 95 Cobra R's are the most overused & played out mustang wheels available... The only reason some of u think that the rear lip is a bit extreme is because u rarely see it on a fox body....Think outside the box fella's!!!!
  19. I think the new wheels look great. If the lip was polished though I think that would really set dem off yo! As for the only thing that matters though, nice runs. Iam looking to dip into the 10's with my S trim this year, whats your suspension and any clue what it made for power? 130 mph trap is fast.
  20. I like the look ....will be getting a set when the 17/8 roll out in the 5 lug...