88 merkur xr4ti) skips at high end

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  1. well my car is skiping when geting into the top end of the turbo at high end around 3,500 rpm and up but bottom end no skip. what chould there be wrong? runs good at idle. starts right up after on crank. and dose not do it all the time but is geting worse. Please help me thanks
  2. You mean missing? I don't know what a 'skip' is. 99% of the time, a high RPM miss or a miss under boost is the ignition system. Try checking your plugs and wires.
  3. :stupid: when was the last tune up? id say plug's and wires, more likely wires, i had a "skipping" more like a miss under a full load , changed my plug wires (long overdue) and it went away, hope its that simple for aswell ;O)

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  4. Yes, a tune up is in order. Also, check your timing.
  5. new plugs wires not that old. new timeing blet. new head studs new lower end new top end ran very very well then just started missing......... do any of you think it might be a air sencer. Only does it under boost tho.
  6. are you sure its skipping, and not PINGING, how much boost are you running, do you have an IC setup?
  7. Good call. What octane fuel do you run? Is the car leaning out at higher RPM's? Do you have an intercooler?

    BTW, what do you mean by skipping? Misfiring, or does it sound like knocking, or pinging?
  8. well i am runing 94 with the stock wastgate and runing 15 psi of boost. still mising at high end and pops only at full throtle. there is no need for intercooler with a forged pistons and crank but there will be one in it soon. when i fox the problem.
  9. Well the best way to determine/ track down this skipping, if you say its not plugs/wires/ignition ( have u checked the ignition module?) , i'd turn the boost down and see what happens....if it dont solve it, u just turn it back up.atleast then u know for SURE, no doubts , its not boost. do you have a boost gauge? maybe your wastegate/bypass is not functioning at top end and releasing the extra boost, just a thought, but i havent got much to go on here.
  10. any one think it might be my tps sencer? i don't have a boost control. that is the stock boost.
  11. What types of plugs/wires are you running? What's the gap?

    It IS an ignition problem...

    Oh, what the hell does forged internals have to do with needing an intercooler?

  12. what did the plugs look like?
  13. on my first merkur I had problems with that crappy elbow hose that goes to the T/B. When I finally got the clamps on tight it sprung a leak. It made it go rich, miss and loose power.
  14. New timing belt? hmm... did you disconnect the spout connector when you timed it? That would, and did for me, make it miss on the high side.
    Spout connector is the single wire coming from the distributor that just kinda snaps together there by the drivers side inner fender...
  15. I'm having a similiar problem and I think it might be my VAM.