88' Rear End Build (solid)

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  1. So i had a couple questions on what i should do to the rear end on this 88 coupe. I want a solid rear end to be able to launch quick nd with less tire spin, i came down to wanting to switch from 28 spline to 31 to be on the safe side cause later i wanna add power to be supported, so therefore i want to do that. Also would it be good for the 31 spline to be 5 lug or 4? Or doesnt matter really? As for gears i wanted to add 4.10, but i would need some recomends on good differentials. Should i add control arms as well? I looked around and asked if i ahould but i was told they dont help out a whole lot so whats the use. Getting some good set of hoosier slicks as well for the wheelspin. Lastly, i want to add nitrious. Car is just about stock. Completely. Has good suspension, engine is healthy stil runs strong and low mileage. I know i would need some supports to add so please help me out, need some options. Thanks!
  2. This going in a street/strip car or a dedicated strip car? You wanting to run a LSD, locker, or a spool? 4 lug vs. 5 lug to me personally is just that the availability of wheels is better for 5 lug cars. Also, this car an auto or stick? that should be considered when choosing gears.
  3. If you're planning to add power and race, you should upgrade all of the above.

    31-spline rear with a good differential, 5-lug with long studs, and good upper & lower control arms. Also some torque box reinforcement plates.
  4. As far as the nitrous goes buy any of the kits you like and follow the instructions. Your engine will take it without a problem. IMO never wrong to overbuild your rearend. I've seen a lot of them fubar'd when people skimp!
  5. To the OP, if you don't have sub frame connectors then that would be #1 on the list. I mention that because you said this is pretty much a stock Stang.
  6. Stay away from a spool unless this is a race only car.
    Spools, or any version of... like to go in a straight line only, which is a bad thing in traffic going around a curve, especially in the rain.

    If they make a Detroit Locker for an 8.8", that is the way I'd go for the very best.
  7. Don't forget C-clip eliminators or 9" style ends. I have an 8.8 Detroit Locker waiting at my shop and I do not think I can use the regular c-clips with it.