88 T-bird 5.0 motor swap.

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  1. Hi guys. I hope to get as much info as possible to help me with my project. We are taking a 5.0 out of a 88 t-bird and putting it into a ranger. Also he is going from efi to carburetor. Its been done many times before....nothing new but we thought why not? I was going to junk the t-bird but we are going to make this happen. Where can i get the most info here one taking out a 5.0 engine?

    What i have done so far:

    Hood removed.
    Battery removed.
    Drain all fluids except auto tans fluid.
    remove radiator.
    remove air intake and intake manafold.

    Like newbies we took off the belt first now trying to get the fan off. we are having a difficult time putting the belt back on......freakin newbs.....

    We are going by this link


    Lastly is there a DIY for this engine remove walk through on this site?

    thanks for any info.
  2. First,don't cut the harnesses.I would take the main harness and harnesses under the hood from you along with the factory T-Bird motor mounts.Also,is it a console car?If so,Let me know.PM me.Thanks.
  3. remember the 88 tbird/cougar didnt have the HO motor. so depending what your looking to do with the truck you might want to look into an HO conversion. you will get most of the same power out of a top end/cam swap with a stock mustang.
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  5. Detail left out

    I for got to mention we are going from EFI to carburetor.
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