'88 TC BOV?

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by KurtPB, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. i was curious where it was if they even had one? i started working on taking the motor out(radiator/fan shroud, intake, i/c, some smog, overflow tank and in a few, the driver's side fender) and out of curiousity, i started looking for the bov. i was able to find the wastegate but i'm completely lost on the bov. also, another quick Q, instead of a map, do the '88 TC's have a MAF or VAM(which i assume one of the 2 are the deal that plugs into the intake). thanks.
  2. No factory installed Bov/By-pass wasnt considered by ford to be worth the extra $$ for only 10psi. they also are eqquiped with a VAM which is located under the air cleaner box. what plugs into your intake is a "knock sensor" which adjust the timing if detotnation is felt.
  3. heh, so the sound that my sis' bf heard when he owned it and had premium on must have been surge, not a bov. i know what a knock sensor is, so that plugs into the VAM? which i planned on making a custom cold-air intake, so i'd just make a... thing for the VAM to attack to?
  4. nope no bov, but if you want to buy an 87-88 tbird intercooler with the bung for the bov already installed in the intercooler let me know i have one i can sell
  5. no thanks, i have a LOT of spare BOVs sitting around and i dont even plan on using a ford i/c, thanks anyways.