'88 TC swap into '83 5.0

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  1. Before anyone asks why, it's because the '83 GLX started as a parts car.
    After driving my '89 LX 2.3 and reading about the MPG on the 2.3t, I now want to put a turbo into the '83.

    I found an '88 TurboCoupe yesterday, complete car, heard it crank but it wouldn't start.

    So here's the questions:
    Anyone have the wiring diagram for the '83 GLX?
    Same for the '88 TC?
    I believe I'll need to swap the engine, tranny, rear axle, EEC-IV, intercooler, vam-map-maf-etc, gas tank (will it fit?) and then shorten the drive line (is this true?).
    Any other advise? ANYTHING, really, don't assume I know a damn thing, I won't take it personally.

    Are there more sites then these?

    Are there more threads then these? Have any of these cars been completed?

    Does anyone need any parts of an '88 TC?
  2. I'm not sure about all the other stuff, but I do know that a Thunderbird gas tank won't fit in a Fox mustang (too big), and if the '83 was a four speed car then you will have to get a different driveshaft. One from a later model 5 speed mustang would work though.

    Oh, and this is a minor thing, but just remember that the Thunderbird is set up with a hydraulic clutch, so you will have to swap bellhousings if you want to use a cable-operated clutch, and Thunderbirds have an electronic speedo drive as opposed to the cable drive on Mustangs. Also, the transmissions behind Turbo engines have a 7 tooth speedo drive, vs 6 tooth for naturally aspirated cars, so you gotta make sure you get a turbo-specific cable speedo drive.

    Remember that you can swap all the Thunderbird's brakes over to the Mustang, but you'll want a bigger master cylinder (which will be easy since your car already has a 2-port master...a good one to pick up is one for an '85 Lincoln Town car, 1" bore, you can get it for about $20). The four wheel disc would be nice though :)