88 TurboCoupe engine swap into a 92 Mustang

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  1. I recently bought two cars, a 1992 Mustang convertible with a 2.3 and a 1988 Thunderbird TurboCoupe. I would like to swap the TurboCoupe engine with Turbo into my 92 Mustang. I have found some information on this site pertaining to this swap but all the info seems to relate to the earlier 86-90 Mustangs. Is there any information about swapping it into a 92? I know the ignition is different on my car than the 88 so I'm sure there are some things I should be aware of before I start the swap. Any help on this would be appreciated. :shrug:
  2. Search the 2.3L Webring on google and there are many others who have also performed the swap if you need more info.
  3. dude be careful with the wiring. i did a swap into my 93 and all hell has broken loose. my car is now at a friends shop and most of the electrical is not doing what it is supposed to be doing. i have now been without my car going on a year.

    p.s. Dr. Elusive did everything work out well on your swap? cause i am slowly going up the creek without a paddle.

  4. A year? God what happened?

  5. What computer are you running? out of curiousity
  6. lol one week into the unknown and i woulda just swapped harnesses.
  7. So far, so good. havent driven it much due to the fact i dont have the IC plumbed yet, but it runs great, and everything works. I did however triple check everything and even compared the 88 tc and the mustang wiring to be sure there was no mistakes made in the instructions.... i found none.

  8. alright.

    the motor came from an 85 TC junker that i picked up downtown.

    I had sent the harness to stinger to do the wiring and I am not blaming anyone here so dont get me wrong. he had rewired it for me to use the LA3 also so i should be all set but the car will not run but 5-10 minutes and will start bucking and the tachometer will jump with the buck. I had 3 computers to try and each one made the car run worse that the one before. the only one that was good would do the 10 min. run thing. the guy that the car is with now says its pulling so many codes that they can hardly keep track of them.

    mr. woodster: i thought about that but there was nothing wrong with my n/a harness and i sent it out to stinger to be done so it should be straight.

    if u guys have any thoughts on why it would do this please feel free to drop them off. im stumped.

  9. Just so everyone knows, I ran fastfox's harness in my car before shipping it off, his problem is somewhere else.
  10. where else could this possibly be? i mean this is obviously electrical. please if u have an idea let me know.

  11. I'm gonna try to do this swap into my little bro's 92 in the next couple of months

  12. Missfire? Timing? and Large VAM with the LA3 i take it?
  13. ive gone over the car with a fine tooth comb. Large vam, LA3, timing (ignition and cam) are dead on spec. everything is hooked up correctly.

    the car would run which was not a problem and it would run very well but when the temp. got to the "L" and "A" in "NORMAL" the car would start to buck. and i got a new ect sensor for it and that did nothing.
  14. Sounds like a failing TFI module/pickup sensor, exact same symptoms I had in my Turbocoupe.
  15. Gonna tag this as I have a 93 and am looking at this swap
  16. Just an FYI, this thread is about 8 years old.