89 5.0 "easiest" brand of Long tubes to install? Knuckle Busters!

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  1. So whats the opinions out there? My current long tubes are all rotted to hell! I would like to stay with Long Tubes but don't want to spend all weekend on my back! Looking at my current setup it appears the drivers side has the steering shaft going through the pipes!! Nothing from nothing, I really dont want a setup like that on this car.
    Opinions on Brands, and even X vs H is welcomed. I have to replace the entire system from Headers to tails so any comments are welcomed!
    Thanks a Bunch!

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  2. bbk longtubes weren't that difficult to install....with matching bbk h pipe
  3. Which BBKs?

    Were they the BBK-15160?? Summit has them for 369.00 Man, thats a lot of bread!!
  4. Suprised

    I'm suprised guys, figured I would get more input on this subject!
  5. dont get flowtechs whatever you do, i couldnt even get the damn things installed, but i bought em off evil-bay and i think they may have been for an earlier year than i got
  6. all lt's are gonna be a bi$%^ bbk's are very nice i got mine jet-hot coated this time.
  7. bassani has some new ones that come all apart and you put each tube in and connect the collector pipe to it and your done, real easy.
  8. anyone got reviews on MAC LT's? I know their shorties are a sinch to install, but they're shorties so that's not much challenge

  9. I have a full MAC setup on my 83, LT's, O/R H, along w/ their catback. Really happy w/ everything (love the sound). I had their shoritie headers too. BBK make some really nice stuff too, but IMO you can't go wrong either way.
  10. i heard mac's were junk because they didnt hace a one peice flange and when you take them off they twist and warp.
  11. thats the part # for the ceramic coated ones. you could go bbk-1516 and that is just the chrome finish. i think that they are like 200ish... give or take.
  12. Stay away from Macs if you can, they really are poor quality, and yes they do warp due to not having a one piece flange. Also, stay away from slip tubes, the ones that the primaries come apart and you slide them back together and clamp them. True they are easier to install, but they never seal. The extra work is worth not dealing with these. Whatever you put on there to seal it up will just burn off in a couple of days too.
  13. I have Mac and I love them. They were used and do have surface rust, but actually arent very bad. They were not warped and went on fine once they were in. I did have the tranny and bellhousing out, but the passenger side slid in easily and the drivers required a little work, but wasn't all that bad. I know BBK has a little better quality but I got mine for $100 and with the Prochamber I love it, gained 8 tenths over shorties and a Mac H with cats.
  14. I have Mac LT's on my 90 they were a PITA to install. I had to remove the steering shaft and they run though the middle. After a days work on that It sounded great, but the headers hit and I couldnt turn the steering wheel. Soooooo I bought the Flaming River solid steering shaft. After that was installed I could steer, but it still hit.... luckuly I could grind it down a bit and its all ok now. Needless to say Im putting some Flowtechs on my 87 when the new motor goes in.
  15. Go BBK and atleast get the Chrome plated ones I personally just got there Ceramic coated ones and they look awesome. The car responded very well to the LT install too. I have had a full MAC exhaust and well look at what Im using now;) I havent seen a MAC product hold up for too long before lookin like it a hunk of rust. If you do go MAC send em to JET hot and have em coated. Because there HTS coating is a joke in itself.
    Good luck w/ your choice.
  16. MAC's suck... If they were easy to install, then they wren't used for very long. Done way too many sets and hope to never get another set on a customers car. BBK's just about fall into the car and bolt up easily every time. Only downside to the BBK's is you need to take the extra hour of time with a die grinder and clean up the extra weld on the inside of each port at the engine flange and later take the H pipe off and open up the ball flange to the soot marks.