1. 5.0 mustang how much hp will trick flow upper and lower intake and thermastat houseing with a 70mm edelbrock throttle body , 8 24lb injectors, 70mm mass air with k&n filter, fuel rail with regulator,
  2. Not enough to make a difference
  3. In all honesty we need more info about your setup before we can answer. On a stock engine that increase will only add 15hp
  4. injectors will make no difference, intake,tb and maf will but prob not more than 20 hp at the wheel i would imagine. then again i could be wrong.
  5. 89 5.0 shorty headers h pipes 3" flowmasters elect fan. just looking to wake it up a bit also 373 build auto trans.
  6. Without matching heads and cam that intake is a waste of time
  7. Yeah if you are running stock heads it is a waste of effort.
  8. Better off doing a cheap explorer intake maybe. Much better flowing intake than the stocker