Fox 89 Convertible Gt Interior Restore

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  1. I am new to this site and have only owned my 89 GT Vert for only 2 or 3 months. It was sitting in a yard for about 1 and a half years with a cover on it but there was surprisingly no rust anywhere besides the windshield and some scuffs on the exterior body. I did my best to sand down the rust and seal it until I can get it panted in about 2 months.

    Anyway, into the interior. It was completely trashed, literally. There was trash all inside it, even spoons and cans of chicken noodle soup that were unopened. So I am replacing the carpet and repainting the interior along with some new speakers. I was thinking a black/red theme, it is currently all gray interior. I'm going to do black carpet and the dash black with a red stripe on the center of it. I am ordering most of this through LMR so what do you guys think would be the best red? I see there are a few options like scarlet, ruby, and canyon. I'll be getting this stuff in about 2 weeks and I plan on doing the door panels and upholstery at a later time.

    On another note, even though the interior was trashed the engine runs great with about 130,000 miles. I changed the oil, spark plugs, spark plug wires, ignition coil, transmission fluid, brakes, and shocks.
  2. Welcome to the Fox Mustang world! I have a stock all Scarlet red interior on my LX vert - It's 25 this year but decent shape. If you want I can a snap some shots for you. What areas you want to see?

    Why'd you change all that stuff. Foxes can run hard at least 500k without so much as an oil change :nice:
  3. Just really the dash near the passenger side. The carpet is going to be black along with the upholstery

    These are the door panels I want to get

    And the upholstery

    These are out of my budget for now, I may end up getting regular black door panels. I want to mimic that red bar on the seats and door panel on the middle of the dash. with the rest of it black.

    My exterior I am planning on doing gloss black with red Mustang GT lettering on the sides and back bumper along with a red molding tape around the body.
    The great thing is I'm not planning on doing any major work to the engine right now besides exhaust and a little suspension work.
    I've got a friend who knows how to paint cars and do a little body work for $450
  4. Yep, I like the Mach1 strip, you can get duplicolor spray paint made for coloring stuff like the dash. It's oem color match. I think autozone carries it. It's really inexpensive for a totally new look or refurbished interior. Clean it super good. Don't leave any soap, cleaner etc residue. Painter tape off and spray away...

    Don't get map pockets they get saggy like an old ladies....Get the carpet lower...IMHO....
  5. I don't like the map pockets either, they don't have any of the Mach1 theme door panels without them. I don't really trust the sample colors they give on websites, I prefer to see a real world application of that color or go in stores to see it. I didn't think autozone would have that, i'll check in a few days when I go to buy some brake fluid.
  6. These are pictures of my dash currently but I am looking for real world application pictures of some red dash paint. Mainly those of scarlet, ruby, and canyon.

    BTW, I know I need an ashtray repair kit and an automatic shifter bezel.

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  7. I've got a shifter bezel and the rubber trim seal that I'll sell. Message me if you are interested.
  8. I have not done the red dash dye yet but can tell you the other color dyes I have seen from lmr are spot on. grey, white and black are sure things. bet reds are perfect too.
  9. +1 on that. I just bought some of the black to refresh some of my lower dash and center console. Turned out perfect.
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  10. WOW, I really like the idea of putting the pony emblem on the ashtray door! I'm looking for a boldish red that doesn't seem too faded like I see with many scarlet interiors. Or is that just due to age?

    Something like one of those two. Also, what is the difference between the Vinyl Paint vs Lacquer Paint? I searched that a while ago and only discovered that the Lacquer was for plastics that wouldn't flex.
  11. Thanks. I had that extra emblem laying around so I stuck it on there to kind of jazz it up a bit.
    Not sure the exact difference but from what I understand the Vinyl paint is a dye for flexibility and the lacquer is for metal/hard plastic.
  12. Now I'll have to get a pony emblem when I repaint the console/dash lol. What type of paint did you use for your interior and did you need more than one can? The center console seems to be the same material as the dash
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  14. I actually got mine for free. :)
    I was at the junk yard looking around for interior parts and it was on the floor of the car. Someone had pulled it off the dash and broke one of the tabs off the back. I stuck it in mu pocket and took it with me to pay for the other parts and the guys said I could have it.

    I bought one can of this paint.
    You may need more than one can depending on the color of the parts you are painting over.
    The parts I painted were already black.
    The console is the same hard plastic as the dash.
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  15. My interior is almost done. I'm getting ready to order all new seat upholstery, foam, floomats...etc.
    I'm waiting on a reply from the guy over at TMI before I place my order. I can't wait to get it done. I think it is going to look amazing.
  16. I guess i'll be going with the lacquer then. And I like Milwkeebest's interior but I still favor my initial plan lol.

    I haven't even started on my interior besides seat covers and some speakers. Ill be ordering the carpet, paint, and rear speakers shortly. All of this is making me anxious.

    I'm dreaming right now but this would look absolutely awesome:
    That is way out of my budget though.
  17. Oh yeah, real nice but high $$$$
    I changed out the stock bulbs in my instrument cluster and installed LED's.
    Big difference in color and brightness. Well worth the money and not hard to do at all.
  18. If you have one locally, I recommend a junk yard. I found a lot of great pieces/parts for cheap. Many just needed a good cleaning or touch up painting.