Fox 89 Convertible Gt Interior Restore

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  1. What kind of bulbs and where can I get them. Also, what type of LED's are they? I would love to replace them with some red ones or does the light shine through colored lenses?

    I'm getting some door lock mechanisms from a junkyard because mine are bent for some reason. I can't lock the doors on either side. The door lock actuators are also bent.
  2. I bought the LED's from

    Qty | Product / Options | Price/ea |
    9 | WLED-x-x: 194 LED Bulb - 1 LED Wedge Base| $ 1.39 |
    WLED-W-120: Cool White 120 Degree
    6 | WLED-x5: 194 LED Bulb - 5 LED Wide Angle Wedge Base| $ 3.94 |
    WLED-CW5: Cool White

    Total cost was $41.65

    The bulbs are "cool" white. The lenses are colored so red probably won't work.
    Here's a link to my original thread. If you scroll down you'll see my before and after pics.
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  3. Thanks!, I'll keep that in mind for a future project.
  4. What do you guys think of putting in Billet pieces to go along with a mostly black interior with a little bit of red on the seat and dash? The parts I am talking about are: chrome door handles, window switches, aluminum or steel door still plate, A/C Knobs, shifter bezel, E-Brake handle, and pedals. Seeing that most of my knobs and switches have faded paint from heavy use, I figured might as well hit home with some stylish parts.

    I'm not sure if it would go well with TMI Mach1 Upholstery/Door Panels (With the Red strip in them) and the Black w/ Red Molding Strip and Mustang GT bumper lettering exterior. Opinions?
  5. I'm trying to keep my interior mostly all black with a few billet accent pieces. I like clean lines that blend well.
    My car is silver with black trim so I figure staying mainly black will look good.
    At the end of the day, it's your money and your car so make it the way you want it.:nice:
  6. Finished installing my new upholstery today. Turned out better than I had hoped. Wasn't that hard to do either. I just took my time. I can hardly believe the difference in the way the drivers seat feels with new foam. It's like a different car.
    A few before pics too.

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  7. Awesome! I had some unexpected bills so my interior has been put on hold for now.