Fox 89 Fox Front Suspension

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  1. Couple questions,

    Should the front brakes rub at all or should the rotors spin freely not touching the pads.

    Does anyone have a picture of how the front springs should sit?
    Also the car has bbk blue springs, does anyone have info on the quality of these springs. I also may need new shocks. Any info on a good, but not breaking the bank set.

    I do not race and only cruise in it here and there.

    I have a hop/grabing in the front passenger side I'm trying to figure out.
  2. The rotor should spin free- not freewheel but not bind. In other words, you should be able to turn it with your hand. You will feel the friction from the pads maybe just touching the surface. If it is grabbing then most likely you have either a warped rotor or a stuck caliper piston.

    BBK springs are not the best quality but ok.
  3. Sounds good I'm going to take it apart at some point this weekend.
    Still wanna know if my springs are in correct, I'll take a pic
  4. I cant tell from your pic but there are 2 small holes in the spring pocket in the lower control arms, the pigtail of the spring should cover the first hole but not the second hole, hope this helps you out.
  5. The springs look fine. I usually run the isolator down closer to the end of the spring, but that's not a problem. Swaybar end link looks a little loose up top. When the suspension is loaded, the bar might have some play between the bushings.

    The front brakes always seem to drag just a little, but they shouldn't be tight. If you jack it up, spin the tire, and it doesn't get one revolution before it stops, there's a problem. It won't spin forever, but it should spin.
  6. So I have taken the calpiper apart and inspected them all seems fine, I'm leaning towards that I need to replace the sway bar bushings, and shocks. The car currently has the stock bushings it looks like and crappy sense a Trac shocks.
    What is a good brand of shock for just weekend driving. I was looking at the kyb any good?
  7. Also off topic question does any one sell flow tubes that are slip over style until I get this thing drivable till I have it welded?
  8. Flow tubes? Can you elaborate?

    The kyb replacement struts should work fine for you. As the others have said, the springs appear to be installed correctly. If you are going to replace your sway bar end links, I prefer the kit from energy suspension over the stock replacements at the parts house.
  9. I'm referring to the pipe between the h pipe and muffler. My passenger side is stock and looks like it had buck shot go through it. I would liike a set that would clamp to the muffler (flowmasters). The end links on the sway bar look newer, but since it's apart and will be for a bit I might as well replace them.
  10. This is her btw.
  11. That is exactly what I was looking for and a better price thank you! Now to add to my wishlist.
  12. Hopefully in a few months I'll be able to have time and extra funds to actually work on this slow project of mine.
  13. All things in time, glad to help any way that I can!