89 Foxbody W/ 03 Irs Wheel Fitment?

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  1. Here is some fat tire IRS eye candy
  2. I don't know that they are really that wide, i think the car is just real low and the wheels stick out a little.
  3. not sure on the specs. they look like 285s. they are on a set of 3 piece ccws.
  4. Not sure, looks like the tires are too narrow for the wheels, a lot of sidewall visible from rear on those.
    My 275's i've been waiting to put on. My current pair is a mess, just want to put on the PHB first.
  5. Those are the same 275's I have waiting to go on mine as well. Such pretty drag radials.
  6. They really are, so perfectly flat all the way across.
    I got good mileage and years out of the first set for how i drive.
    I actually get more mileage on drag radials because they spin less and i'm more conscious of wearing them down.
  7. I've seen that car. It's actually on 255's all the way around with 10" rims and 25mm offset. I don't know how he did it, but he did lol
  8. It works because the rim stretches the tire lowering the profile and taking the edge away that would normally rub.
    Not the best for contact patch and traction. A 255 is way too small for 10 inch wheel.
  9. Quick question..

    Found these rims.. They only make 18x9.5 with 6.63 back spacing and 35mm offset. How do you think they'd sit on my car in the rear? Would they rub the quarters pretty hard? If I were to run a 255 tire? Or possibly 265 if that would be better. And if I had my fenders professionally rolled.

  10. I personally wouldn't do it.

    Sometimes wheels and tires are a risk/reward type of mod. No risk and you stand to be common or plain, if it works you could be great and different.
    With that said, if it doesn't work, you are out a ton on tires and rims.

    Also, if you have to tweak a setup on a non daily driver it's not a big deal. If it's your everyday car you could be in trouble.

    I've long thought 9's should be the largest wheel someone should add to a fox. Gives you a little room to add tire or take it away.

    IMO 9.5's are pushing it. Not sure how a 265 is going to look on a 9.5 considering i run a 275 on an 8.5, you are doing a lot less tire on a lot more wheel.

    Sounds like you are in it for the wheels not the tires, which is good thing, but i still wouldn't try it.

    But nothing ventured nothing gained, so...
  11. Yeah your right. It's a big risk to take. they also have 8.5" ones. Maybe I'll just go 8.5" all around with 255's all around. Atleast while the cars my daily..
  12. Those will put the tire right under the edge of the wheel well and basically sit flush with the quarter. An undersized tire like a 255 will help them look a little less flush.
  13. 225 is the stock width for the fox 16x7 wheel. I am running 245s on sn95 2000 gt 17x8 wheels up front with my 95 cobra spindles. I am lowered roughly 1.5 inches up front. Rears with the same wheels and IRS do rub a tad. I will probably end up rolling the fender. The inner bolt is the real issue. Even with the SN95 backspacing, I only have about an inch clearance from the tire and the IRS cradle bolt. MM sells the domed bolt as seen above in the pic but I noticed that the bolt is a bit weaker than the stock ones. I was able to mar the threads trying to install the IRS by myself and the MM bolts.

  14. They do look good!!!! might be my next pair, after going thru 3 sets of 275 nitto 555 drag radials the only good thing i can say about them is they last long on the street. Anybody know how those BFG hold up compared to the 555drs.
  15. I've had the nitto's in the past.

    Depends on how you use the BFG's.
    My car never sees rain, so i wear them down to there is nothing left.
    Try that on a car that is driven in the rain and you will get killed.

    I'd say 5-10,000 miles depending on how you treat them.
    Nitto's last a little longer, but not enough IMO to warrant less traction.

    Last time i checked the nittos were alot more expensive too.

  16. thanks for info.. bfg is one of the only DRs i have never had
  17. I'm about to order these rims.. I just want to make sure they will fit and didn't want to start a new thread.. I'm gonna go with 8.5" all around on 245 tires. Will these fit on the rear of my car without sticking out past the fender? 6.13 back spacing 35mm offset and 18x8.5

  18. Those will definitely not stick out past the fender with that backspacing. Those wheels would sit in about 1/4" more than mine, so you will be okay.
  19. Ok thanks man! I really appreciate it, and good luck with your badass car!