Electrical 89 Gt Vert Sound System

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  1. Ok, I already installed the speakers for my door and dash. They are all 2 ohm speakers and with the factory amp I have static and distortion at even moderate volume. I have the amp and all the wires/fuses I need to install this. It's been sitting in my house for about 2 weeks because it's been too cold to install it. I'm going to bite the bullet and install it in 28-32 degree weather in about 4 hours.

    With the insanity of installing it in freezing weather put aside, how do I go about removing the stock amp? Is it possible to just disconnect it, rip it out, and have my aftermarket head unit only connected to power, ground, illumination, and the antenna? I'll be running brand new 14 Gauge wire to both my door and dash speakers which will connect to my 4-Channel amp so the 25 year old wire will be eliminated.

    I have attached a diagram for the JVC head unit harness. Does someone have a wiring diagram of an 89 GT Vert for the sound system itself?

    Thanks in advanced!

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  2. Ok, I've looked through tons of threads on different forums. None of them have been followed up by the OP whether or not they figured out the wiring. I printed out a few wiring diagrams I found and each one has a different color combination. Time to get out the multi-meter and see which ones are ground/12v.

    The confusing part is, from most of the diagrams, ford decided to use a red wire for the ground... lol :shrug:

    Any additional information would be helpful. I'll be sure to post my results once I try hooking up my amp.