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Sep 29, 2012
Hey guys! I've been trolling this sight for years, picking info hear and there and I finally decided to post something. I recently finished my project, which started out as a 95 gt that I gutted and swapped over to an 89 hatch. I built a 331 stroker, went carb because the 89 was a 4 cyl auto. Performed 5 lug conversion, and now I'm swapping in coilovers all around. Anyways, I want to convert to efi, and had a few questions. First of all, the fuel lines, where do they run on factory efi cars, my 4 cyl lines run right next to my longtubes so they won't work. I ran 3/8 fuel hose for the car so that won't work either! Second is the harness, I've been collecting parts(ecu, injectors, mass air) but no harness yet. I was looking at the painless wiring kit and thought this would be my best choice. Anyways, thanks for reading, any info would be greatly appreciated


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Welcome to posting on the place you've trolled for years now and pretty much know what we do to first time postings....
  1. Admits has a problem (keeps returning to view our garbage)
  2. Pictures added
  3. Explanation clear in first post
  4. Willing to post a picture with that baby blue paint on the block
  5. Asked for help
YEP :ban:We have to get rid of this guy!!!!!

Lets get you over to the FOX sections. I am sure that MANY have ran through this same issue there and will be glad to lend some hard earned advice.