SOLD 89 Lx 5.0 Hatch

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  1. Seeing if there is any interest, looking to move into a terminator or vette possibly. 7500 obo
    89 LX 5.0

    Marquette MI

    I have owned the car 16 years. 86k on the clock. Some mods below
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    All top end gaskets/hoses replaced last fall when i swapped intakes, degreed cam etc
    Most parts on the car have 10k miles or less on them, some only have 200.
    Edelbrock 6037 heads with stage 2 porting
    Steeda #18 Cam
    Frpp 1.6 roller rockers
    Frpp lifters and push rods
    ARP Head bolts
    Holly System max II intake
    BBK 70mm TB
    Frpp water pump New in 2013
    Frpp #24 injectors
    AFM cold air intake New in 2013
    Pro-M 75mm maf
    Adjustable Fuel pressure regulator
    255 Fuel pump New in 2014
    Screaming Demon Coil TIF Wires
    Flex a lite electric Fan

    Drive Line:
    Ram HD Clutch
    FRPP Flywheel
    FRPP T5-z
    Steeda quadrant and firewall adjuster
    Steeda Tri-ax shifter
    3.55 gears

    BBK 1 5/8 long tubes
    Dr Gas X pipe
    Mac 2.5 Cat back

    Griggs Tubler A Arms
    Griggs Front Coilovers
    Koni Reds all around
    Maximum Motor sports Caster Camber plates
    Ground Pounder Rear Coil overs
    Maximum Motor sports Lower control arms

    Price Drop 7000 obo
    Price Drop 6500 obo
    Price Drop 6000 obo
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  2. pics pics pics
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  3. There are some in the craigs list. Will try to toss some up here too

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  4. Price drop 7k Bump
  5. Is this still for sale?
  6. Yep it is
  7. How long does it take you to get to the Mackinac bridge? Is this car reliable to drive down state towards Detroit? I would like to inspect it. I am ready to buy a fox body..
  8. 3 hour drive for me to drive to bridge. Send me a pm and I can give u more info about the car.
  9. Bump 6500 obo new price
  10. Bump 6k obo also adding parts list to top of post
  11. friendly Tuesday bump, would like to sell before winter :)
  12. How much are you selling it at?
  13. 6000 obo
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  14. Hey I was wondering if I can get your cell number so we can text about this car. I'm pretty interested!
  15. Sure send me a pm.
  16. Out of it still for sale? Have you dynoed it for some numbers?
  17. It is still for sale and it never made it to the dyno or a track.
  18. Winter bump
  19. Do you still have the car? i have a few questions about it. my cell is 817-986-9113, my name is Dustin. Please give me a call
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