89 lx 5.0 spark plug and wire help please ?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by mrchipz, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. hello guys,

    im new this is my 1st post but i just picked up an older 89 lx 5.0. i wanna replace some simple things on it. the plugs and wires are stock on it and the entire engine is stock has about 90,000 miles on it. question is...... what are the best spark plugs to use and spark plug wires for the 89 5.0 . i think the only thing it has done to it is a cold air intake and i dont plan on doing anything besides a cat back dual. any help would be great! thanks
  2. Everyone has thier own opinion on the best plugs and wires. I've been impressed with E3 spark plugs. Plug wires with stock compression standard 8mm wires will work. I like making my own, then they fit.
  3. thanks man for the response. i see their are plugs like the bosch platinum +4 that are pregapped . i dont want to use these but is it safe to use a pregapped plug or if i go with a regular plug what is the correct gap ? thanks
  4. ive heard many times to stay way from the platinums with the 5.0, it dont care for them. the stock copper core motorcraft plug (not sure the number) are what you want and any wire OTHER THAN Taylors, ive had bad luck with them popping off. I have had real good luck with MSD super conductors, lasted about 10 years before they melted through to the core against a header. Others will disagree on that. FRPP wires are a good choice also.
    I wouldn't waste my money on fancy plugs for a nearly bone stock engine. buy the wire you have to cut if your worried about fit.
  6. dude, your caps lock is stuck.
    ive heard good things about Ford Racing wires.
  7. motorcraft plugs and ford racing wires is what you want.
  8. :nice: Both cheap and effective.
  9. agreed!:nice:
  10. i have autolite 25s copper core no platinum gapped at .54, heard they dont like 5.0s but guy at kragen said they were stock. got coppers like the motorcraft plugs runs great also have ford racing wires on stock motor w/explorer intake although 2 of them got burnt through on my headers, could see blue arc at night, they ran good looked good tooo i got the blue ones but they didnt fit very well so i got ford racing wire looms (4) to organize them better but i think they were awesome compared to 8mm stock wires.