'89 LX 5speed

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  1. The car is located about 15 minutes south of San Jose.

    Imageshack - 0109091137bxr8.jpg

    Imageshack - 0109091137bxr8.jpg

    Imageshack - 0109091137bxr8.jpg

    Imageshack - 0109091137bxr8.jpg

    Sounds just like the beast that it is . . . Moves like it should, too . . .
    With the exception of when it was down being modded, this car has been my daily driver since I bought it in February.


    Engine: Truck 5.0 motor swapped in by previous owner approx. 20k miles ago; had good compression (avg 162 psi/cyl. w/ <10 psi variation) before I started adding the following.

    FMS E-303 cam
    Cloyes timing chain
    Rebuilt E7 heads w/ minor porting (thermactor bumps removed from the exhaust ports by APM in Morgan Hill, have receipt)
    Explorer (Cobra) intake manifold with Ford Racing phenolic heat spacer
    Explorer 19 lb. Injectors, new pintle caps, o-rings, and filters when I installed them < 1 month ago

    Professional Products 70mm throttle body and EGR spacer
    Custom Powerpipe intake (places MAF and air filter in fenderwell)
    70mm SN95 MAF
    Automatic ECU (slightly more aggressive ignition curve than the 5speed ecu’s)
    Bassani X-pipe
    Two-chamber Flowmasters dumped at rear axles – very loud, turndowns should quiet it cheaply

    Rebuilt World-class T5 installed in July
    Ram HDX clutch installed in July
    Granatelli adjustable clutch quadrant and cable with firewall adjuster (also installed in July)
    Short shifter (installed brand new in July)
    Stock posi rearend

    KYB GR-2 struts and shocks (new in June)
    Lightweight fiberglass cowl-induction hood w/ functional scoop (cools intake manifold)
    Pony rims (no center caps) w/ locking lug nuts

    Sound system: (more than loud enough to hear over the car)
    Pioneer deck
    2 Pioneer 4-way 6.5” speakers running on a Jensen 220-watt amp
    2 Unknown brand 6x8” speakers
    2 12” Rockford Fosgate subs in a bandpass box running on a Crunch 1000 watt amp

    Tags good 'til next month.

    Has minor issues: missing trim panels, etc.; bad output shaft seal or worn driveshaft (I don't think so; it didn't leak before I swapped trannys in July). I have a G-force or FMS Z-spec T5 (don't know which but I know it has the 2.95 ratio first from using a ratio calc) that may or may not need synchros that I'd be willing to throw in with the car for cheap . . . If I feel motivated enough I may swap out the trannys just to see if the z-spec works then there shouldn't be any more leak . . . I think that might bump the price of the car up a tiny bit though lol . . . maybe not we'll see.

    408-613-6823 for any questions.

    I have a lot of time and money into this car, so, NO LOWBALLER'S!!

    Before coming at me with any offers, please realize that I'll only drop the price if I can make it up by pulling parts off.
    If I don't get what I'm asking for it, I will part it out in a few weeks (I'll get at least 3k either way); don't bother asking me to start parting it out early, just wait for me to repost it, thanks.
  2. Okay I'm adding up the numbers and I'll make over $3k easy by parting it out . . . so if it doesn't sell by this weekend, part it out I will . . .
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