89 LX build thread

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  1. I started this thread in response to the lack of build threads lately.

    It started out as a stock 5.0 LX with 64k miles on it. It came with pypes headers and catback, bbk cold air.


    I started off with subframe connectors, steeda sport springs, mm cc plates, 3.73's, cobra r's, explorer intake, accufab 70mm tb,

    I cut and buffed the paint, restored the quarter windows, painted some trim, and put on a 3" keanen hood.


    Then came the 5 lug/rear disc conversion. Used all sn95 parts with dual piston calipers up front. 17x8 bullitt's all around.



    MM spring isolators
    sway bar bushings
    Agx adjustable shocks/struts
    MM lca's
    Spintech mufflers

  2. Recently started on the trick flow top end kit with stage 2 cam. Engine stripped down.



    And a little progress made. The intake is only sitting on there. New lifters, 24 Lb injectors, accufab afr, trick flow dampner.. And the cam cleared. It was close!
  3. Looks killer, keep it coming. What color is that?
  4. The second picture, looks like you repainted it. Good work.
  5. Now this is what we're talking about! That is a sick ass car! Keep the pics coming. :nice:
  6. Thanks guys. It's Cabernet red. I used a clay bar then, meguiars compound and a coat of wax. Compound and waxed with an orbital
    Buffer. It was a lot of work but it came out great. Once I finish up the h/c/i she is going in for paint. I'm going with Cabernet red pearl (Hyundai color).


    Prothane sway bar end links
    MM bump steer kit


    MGW shifter. So much better than stock.


    Started my own powder coating too. Here's my first two pieces. Water neck and timing pointer, both in black wrinkle.

    And my little setup. Now that I've got the basics down I'm going to build a better coating booth.
  7. Whoa that's neat. How do you charge the work piece to get the powder to stick?
  8. The gun's control box (sitting on the bottom of the sawhorse) has a handheld on/off switch, AC power, and a cable with alligator clip to attach to the piece being coated. It's a really simple and easy process. I got my kit from Eastwood.
  9. Slow progress lately, I've been very busy. I got the TFS balancer on. I misplaced one of the new water pump bolts so once I find that I'll torque down the water pump.


    And the fox is finally back in the garage. The '66 is in the new garage we had built out in the back yard.


    Powder coated the a/c bracket in black wrinkle.

  10. Looks great so far. Cool workshop, too!
  11. I really really like your build and choice of parts/approach.

    For the love of Christ please delete that pin stripe though.
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  12. Thanks guys. And yeah that pinstripe will be gone when she goes in for paint as soon as its running. Here's another shot of my garage. I'm in the middle of painting it now.


    I spend too much time over at the garage journal forums.
  13. Ooh, and a classic coupe! Good on you.
  14. 63dd0978.jpg

    Yeah here's my other toy. 1966 coupe with an auto, 302, front disc brakes, previous owner did the resto mod. It was originally a 6 cylinder car. No major work planned on this one. Just clean up and powder coat stuff in the engine bay, steeper gears in the rear end, and maybe a rear drum to disc brake conversion one day.
  15. A good year...
  16. 7af70e16.jpg

    Anyone ever use these spacers? They came with the trick flow balancer. I hope they last.
  17. those came with my summit balancer. not a fan.
  18. Mine too. No problems yet... :shrug:
  19. Haven't had any issues. Just didn't care for it :shrug:
    Saving for a fluid damper. They are supposed to be the :poo:.