89 LX build thread

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  1. So I hear! One of these days when I build a serious bottom end, I'll put some more thought into a balancer. Until then, the Summit piece seems to do just fine.
  2. 35248959.jpg

    Got some more work done yesterday. Alternator with CFR mount installed. I had to take a small junk out of the A/C bracket for everything to fit. I was unaware when I bought it that it designed for A/C deleted setup.

    Lower intake bolted on, water neck/thermostat/mishimoto hoses installed. I Powder coated a few other things like the distributor hold down/bolt, a/c + power steering bracket support brackets. Next step is to stab the distributer and dissemble the power steering to powder coat and clean up. Then clean up and rattle can the A/C just like I did on the alternator.
  3. So you got it to fit and keep the AC? Pics of what you cut out?
  4. Maybe I missed it... sorry, but what headers are those?

    Looks great.
  5. 28ed3397.jpg

    Here's a better picture. I put the tensioner in front of the A/C bracket and notched out a section in the bracket. And the headers are Pypes.
  6. I am not familiar with that brand, but they look like some quality parts.

    Are they 1 5/8" or 1 3/4"?

    Love those thick flanges.

    Would you buy them again, or go with another brand?
    I was looking at BBK 1 3/4" long tubes.
  7. They are 1 5/8 and they came on the car when I bought it. Fit and finish are pretty good so I see no reason to change them out
  8. Looking great. I love that powder coat.
  9. c5c6922c.jpg

    Powder coated the p/s bracket and pulley. Black wrinkle and high gloss black. Anyone got a good pic of how the a/c and p/s bolt back up?
  10. PS bracket bolts to the AC bracket. The AC bracket bolts to the driver side head.
  11. What about this "support" bracket? I should have taken a pic before I took it all apart!

  12. That black wrinkle coating looks great. It's a great accent color for the engine.
  13. Bracket goes to the AC compressor iirc. Will try to get a pic tomorrow. When you have all the parts together its not hard to see how they go.
  14. if no one snaps pics for you i will tomorrow really not that hard
  15. Got it, thanks guys

  16. The paint looks great! Keep it up!
  17. Looks awesome-ola :nice: - I really like those wheels after the 5 lug conversion - thought about those exact same wheels for my project - even before I got the project car - I try and tell people 'how' much work goes into paint and body - it's a long process - even claying a car - buffing it all out ( the right pads and glaze etc etc ) - they 'roll' their eyes at me - .....well until they see there car look 'brand new' after years of neglect - anyway great job -
  18. So I take back my comment on Pypes headers. Drivers side header is giving me lots of problems, so much that I'm going to pick up another set of headers. Maybe BBK or FRPP ceramic shorties.

    Anyways, I was cleaning out my garage today and I'm trying to ID the cam I took out. I'm not sure if it's stock. No "ZE" or X's next to the distributor drive gear. Any thoughts?


    These are all the markings I found. and a "78" towards the rear of the cam. Not really a big deal, I'm just curious. It's going on craigslist.