89 LX build thread

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  1. Great thread! it's giving me motivation to get my 88 Vert on the road! thanks
  2. df77415a.jpg

    Finished the upper intake plumbing and vaccum stuff. Almost done with the 3G alternator wiring, just waiting on a 150 amp fuse (trying to find one locally). All I need is a 77 inch belt, fill it up with coolant, an oil fill tube to throttle body hose, and it should be ready to fire up!
  3. Hooked up headers back to the X pipe. Filled it with coolant. So far I've got a small water leak on the bottom of the water pump. Ugh. Anyways I tried starting it for :poo:s and giggles. After a few times cranking, it sputtered for a minute and stalled out. Had a small fuel leak on the new fuel pressure guage I put on the schrader valve. I took it off, fixed that. Headers and X pipe did not seal well, gotta replace the flange bolts.

    So I think my timing is off. I've got some research to do, this is the first time I've attempted to set base timing. I think I may have used the wrong timing marks on the balancer. How far should TDC on #1 cylinder be from the timing marks? I found TDC and had to roll over the engine a bit more so the pointer would line up to 10 degrees.
  4. Liking this project
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    She's ALIVE! Got to fine tune the timing now. It feels so good to hear her running again! Sorry about the video, it's my first one.
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  6. Good Jon Bryan Glad to see you making progress!!!! Sounds good!!
  7. Sounds awesome! Nice work!
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    Here's a better video. It felt great not to have to push it out of the garage! Still got to fix a leaking caliper banjo bolt, put in the new 255 lph pump, kyb Ajx struts, wire up the Taurus fan, and a few more things I probably forgot.

    Anyways thanks for all the positive comments and help guys.
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  9. Did you use the cam that comes with the 360hp top end kit? Sounds siiiiick!
  10. No I went with the TFS stage 2 cam (planning on a supercharger later on...) Thanks!
  11. Haven't updated this thread in a while. Had some trouble with the aftermarket alternator bracket/tensioner so I modified the stock one for the 3G and powder coated it


    Also got a fresh coat of paint on her! Gotta wash it up before I post a pic, the pollen here is horrible.
  12. Car sounds great. I hope my 331 sounds as good when I get it up and running in the next couple of months.

    I noticed in the pic above, that your A/C line is fed below the intake manifold, but in the video's it's resting on top of the manifold. Was there an issue running it below, or did you just not like the way it looked? I've always hated the look of the line resting on the intake....not to mention it wears the paint off over time.


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  13. Bahaha funny, I was wondering why my videos looked like chit! Thanks for the schoolin' Gearbanger. I'll get a new video up just for you when I can.

    And I'm pretty sure I tucked a/c line underneath the intake because it looks better, not sure why it's out on that pic. I'll check it out later. Thanks for the good comments.
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  14. And here she is with a new coat of paint. Kept it the stock Ford Cabernet Red. No badges except for the front Ford badge. Not sure if I want to put on 5.0 badges or not. I kinda like it without the badges now.




    Also guys please help

    WTF is this sound? it only comes on at idle RPM's and after usually 30 minutes of driving. It usually happens at stop lights and will go away when I reach about 2500 to 3000 rpms

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  15. That color looks absolutely awesome. I really like it. I'm also a fan of no badge. I think I'm going to make my badges magnetic so I can add them or remove them as my mood changes.

    As far as the sound, I'm not sure what that is, but it just might be the most annoying sound in the world.
  16. car looks great bro!!! sounds like idler pulley
  17. id check ur pullies.
  18. Sounds like you ran over an Opera singer! Definitely sounds like a pulley.
  19. Ah yes, the famous "Trick Flow War Cry". I know it well. :nice:

    .....if it's not a bad pulley bearing, my next guess is a vacuum line being sucked flat.

    Liking the stock colour BTW.
  20. Thanks for the comments guys.

    Yes it is the most annoying sound in the world. Embarrassing when pulling up to a red light with that going off.

    Next plan if action is to pull off the belt when it starts to whine again. Then start and run it for a minute to make sure it's a pulley.

    It whined with the aftermarket alternator bracket/tensioner and the stock unit, before and after the new and old ac clutch. So I'm guessing its not the tensioner or the a/c. Maybe the water pump or the power steering. No smog. Maybe alternator bearing. Who the [email protected]&k knows. I'll post my results.