89 LX build thread

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  1. Update. Noise is still present with the belt off. FAHQ.

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    I drove for 30 minutes with no noise, then it slowly creeps in. ??
  2. ...and did you check to see if it wasn't a vaccum hose/leak either?
  3. Sounds like metal to metal wearing meaning maybe distributor or timing chain
  4. Sounds like hooking up the Serp only increases the noise so now you know if it's something that's spinning which is left still spinning after removing the belt? The crank pulley. check for vacuum leak or pinched line. Grab a long screw driver and place it on non moving parts of the engine while holding it to your ear to narrow down the area it's coming from.
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  5. I think I'm onto something. Excessive crankcase vacuum? I let the car run for a while and took off the oil fill cap and got a WHOOSH airy sound (sucking or blowing sound). Also the car sounds like this when I shut it off. My oil fill tube to throttle body cable is kinked. I think it's preventing air from passing through.


    I'm gonna run to the parts store and throw a breather on the valve cover oil fill tube and see how it goes.

    Also does anyone know what happened to the Southeastern Foxbodies forum? did they go the way of the dodo?
  6. Check your PCV valve as well...make sure it's not plugged and the check valve is operating property

    lol.....well if you're talking about us, we've never had a Southeastern "Fox Body" Forum, but we do have a Southeast Forum. :D

  7. [quote="Bryan83taco,
    Also does anyone know what happened to the Southeastern Foxbodies forum? did they go the way of the dodo?[/quote]

    here ya go
  8. Well I'm 99 percent sure its fixed. Just took her out for an hour with no oil filler to throttle body hose. No noise. So happy. I'll get a replacement hose from the hardware store.

    And thanks for the sefb link.
  9. I knew it was a hose being sucked flat. :D
  10. Yup, thanks for the help!